Selena Used BTS Dolls In Her New "Boyfriend" Video & ARMYs Are LIVING For It

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Selena Gomez released her official music video for "Boyfriend" on April 10, and while that was more than enough to hold fans over for a while, she just blessed them yet again. Gomez dropped a new version of the clip, except this time, she told her story using plastic dolls. The recreation of the music video was released on April 29, and there was one part that fans couldn't stop raving about. The tweets about BTS in Selena Gomez's "Boyfriend" doll video are taking over Twitter.

According to Sel's Instagram story, she directed the doll video herself, and she clearly had a wealth of creative inspiration. Gomez made a shot-for-shot recreation of the original video and, even in doll form, she managed to tell the story flawlessly.

As Gomez did in the original clip, the doll version of her goes on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend, but continuously hits dead ends. She goes on a slew of unsuccessful dates, and one of those was with none other than Jin from BTS' Mattel doll.

If you watch closely, there's actually several BTS doll sightings throughout the video, with Jungkook appearing in the background of one of the date scenes. All of BTS' "Idol" outfits appear at one point hanging in a doll-sized closet.

You can watch the doll version of the "Boyfriend" video below.

Naturally, the ARMY is loving every moment of the unexpected cameos. The fan reactions to seeing the BTS dolls were almost as entertaining as the video itself.

Mattel commissioned the BTS dolls in 2019, and ARMYs rushed to scoop up their own miniature versions of J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga. The dolls are still available for purchase, and range from $10 each for their mini dolls to $49.99 a pop for their ~prestige~ dolls. The dolls featured in Gomez's videos, however, run for $20.

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Fans will immediately recognize the dolls' outfits from the band's "IDOL" music video, but fans definitely didn't expect the wardrobe would go on to have a second life in Sel's latest video.

BTS' Jungkook and Jimin left ARMYs and Selenators everywhere shook in 2017 when they covered her song "We Don't Talk Anymore" with Charlie Puth, and, evidently, the love is reciprocated from Gomez.