Twitter Is So Blown Away By Billie Eilish's Debut Album That Just Dropped

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At just 17, Billie Eilish is already making a huge name for herself. After a well-received EP in 2017, Eilish just released her debut album. The album, entitled When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, is everything fans were hoping for and way more. Fans are so enthusiastic about the album already that they’re taking to social media to express just how much they love it. The tweets about Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? highlight just how much of an impact Eilish already has.

The new album dropped on Friday, March 29, and it’s a wonderful mix of the haunting, but soulful, music Eilish has become known for. Eilish actually released a teaser video for the album that has an American Horror Story sort of feel to it. She actually talked a bit about the horrors you see in the video during an interview with NPR. She explained that she enjoyed exploring and even glorifying people’s fears.

“I just love the idea of glorifying people's biggest fears,” she said. “You know, people are freaked out by needles, people are freaked out by things under the bed and people are really afraid of the dark... I just really wanted something that's going to kind of make you jump a little bit.”

You can check out the teaser video down below:

The video is exactly the kind of thing fans eat up. And now that the album has been released in full, they’re loving every second of it. The fans are so enthusiastic about the album, in fact, that they’re expressing all their love for it on Twitter.

Most fans are just blown away by Eilish's undeniable talent.

Others just can't believe how their fave takes authenticity to a whole new level.

She took creativity to the next level, too.

Basically, everyone connected to the album on a deep, personal level.

Overall, everyone is pretty much in agreement that Eilish is a creative genius.

And while her fans love this about her, it also kinda makes them all feel like failures... but in, like, a good way?

Social media is actually something Eilish spoke about during her interview with NPR about her new album. The singer is keenly aware of how powerful it can be.

“I grew up with the internet, so it's not a new thing, which is kind of trash, but it's also like, it is what it is,” she explained. “The thing that's scary is that anybody can say anything and everyone might believe them. That's what's scary to me is that anybody could just be like, ‘You know what, this happened,’ and it didn't. There's a lot of lying going on in there. The whole internet is very gullible because they want to hear drama.”

So, Eilish definitely knows her audience and their preferred platforms well. Good thing everyone seems to be loving her album! You can stream it in all its genius below!