People Are Sharing The Sweetest Photos Of Abandoned Pups They Adopted, So Prepare To Sob

Grab some tissues, guys, because reading the following story might make you cry. If you'd rather have a quick summary before diving in, though, I'll give you one. On Tuesday, April 9, a kind soul named Tegan Griffith found an abandoned puppy on the side of the road on her way to work in Wisconsin. Naturally, she pulled over and rescued him. After bringing the rescued pup to her local animal shelter, Griffith adopted him and named him Larry. She ended up sharing her adoption story on Twitter, and all of the tweets about an abandoned puppy in Wisconsin share the love in a big way. Some people are showing gratitude, while others are sharing their own adorable adoption stories. Like I said, grab those tissues, y'all.

Now that you know a summary of Griffith and Larry's story, I'll get into detail. Griffith began her heartwarming Twitter thread with a tweet about finding Larry in a literal ditch on her way to work (ugh). She then continued with tweets about bringing Larry to the office with her, putting him in a "pupper vest," and calling the proper authorities to find out what her next steps should be. In other words, Griffith went out of her way to get make sure Larry got the care he needed.

After calling the police, Griffith was directed to the sheriff — and after that, she was directed to two Humane Society shelters. Believe it or not, one of the Humane Societies called her back and said that she "found number four."

Yup, Larry was the fourth abandoned puppy out of a litter that was apparently left in a "wooded area" of Wisconsin. He had three sisters, who were already dropped off at the Forest County Humane Society, and they were pretty stoked to see him.

I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE. *Sniffles.*

Anyway, Griffith ended up adopting Larry, and she posted various followups about his health-related checkups. She even shared an adorable tweet about the interaction between Larry and her cat, King of Sparta. (FYI, she adopted King, too.)

Naturally, Twitter fell in love with Griffith's story about adopting Larry. Following her thread, tons of folks shared their own adoption tales — so grab those tissues again.

Here are Pepper and Molly, who are apparently rescued doggo cousins.

This is Peaches. Her owner, Twitter user @LauraMarkis, said that she's a rescue who was found on the side of the highway.

Twitter user @chaksander also shared two rescued cats that are now his own. (Look at those kitty snuggles!)

Various Twitter users on Griffith's thread continued sharing stories about both dogs and cats that were rescued and adopted, and all of 'em will warm your heart.

Just take a look at Arwen relaxing in the grass. What a happy pup.

Here's, BooBoo, a "sassy" doggo who was rescued in Georgia.

All of the animals on Griffith's Twitter thread deserve a big old hug.

To check out more adoption stories, spend a few hours looking through Griffith's Twitter thread again. By the time you're done scanning, I'm sure you'll want to adopt a rescued animal of your own.