The TV Wedding Inspiration You’ll Want To Copy IRL, So Press Play

Do you cry every time your favorite characters on a TV show get engaged? I certainly do, and it's not just because I'm happy for them (they're fictional, after all). It's because I know I can expect my favorite type of TV episode — the wedding. I love watching some of my small-screen faves walk down the aisle, and I get a ton of ideas for what I'd want my own wedding to be like. If you're anything like me, you're looking for some TV wedding inspiration to copy when you have your own dream nuptials.

I was at a beautiful wedding off the coast of Seattle recently, and I had a blast. However, one thing I noticed is that when the night was over, there weren't any teasers for what happens next. That's perhaps what weddings IRL miss the most: They don't leave the viewer wanting more. I was happy to watch the bride and groom sail off into the sunset, but what happens next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. Central? When it comes to weddings with the right amount of suspense to leave you wanting more, TV has my back.

Read on to find 20 TV weddings that'll give you the inspiration you'll need for your dream celebration.

Dating — The TV Wedding Inspiration You’ll Want To Copy IRL, So Press Play

1.Janitor And Lady, 'Scrubs'

What's better than bringing your entire hospital staff to a beautiful island for the wedding of the show's most mysterious character and the woman of his dreams? This is the type of destination wedding that offers a romantic getaway for everyone involved.

2. Barney And Robin, 'How I Met Your Mother'

There's a whole season devoted to their wedding, so you better believe there are some parts you'd want to copy. In the beautiful, idyllic weekend resort where Lily gets her cup constantly refilled, the whole crew gets to relax outside the city (well, if anyone on this show were capable of relaxation).

3. Chandler And Monica, 'Friends'

As if wedding drama weren't enough, the Friends team had to throw in a little pregnancy scare as well. This wedding is small and cute and includes all their best friends. What's not to want?

4. Jim And Pam, 'The Office'

These two cuties were destined to be together from the moment they met. What's cuter than dancing down the aisle? (Answer: a bunch of dances down the aisle.) Feel the music at your own wedding, if you'd like! There's no need to walk.

5. Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries, 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

Just because the marriage ended 72 days later doesn't mean the wedding wasn't perfect. This ceremony looks like an absolute fairytale, and I personally covet those white bouquets up and down the aisle.

6. Marnie And Desi, 'Girls'

Marnie and Desi certainly had a turbulent relationship, but their wedding was absolutely stunning. They brought their friends out to the country for a day in a rainy green paradise.


7. Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici, 'The Bachelor'

Since the show is about falling in love, you better believe some of the weddings are worthy of emulating. These two were waiting for their wedding to have sex, and the tension is visible (and very, very hot). Those candles are everything I need, and more.


8. Charlotte And Trey, 'Sex And The City'

Charlotte is a Park Avenue princess, and of course, she wants that fanciness to extend to her wedding. If you or your partner think you might like to wear a kilt at your Scottish wedding, this could provide some inspiration.

9. Cam And Mitch, 'Modern Family'

The sunset here is incredible, and a close, loving family member marries them. I want the moment I say "I do" to coordinate with that perfect purple glow, right around dusk.

10. Leslie And Ben, 'Parks and Recreation'

Nothing Leslie Knope has ever done is anything short of adorable, and her wedding is no exception. She's an inspiration for anyone who wants to make their own dress (hers has newspaper clippings on it) and fully plan their wedding on their own terms.

11. Rebecca And Jesse, 'Full House'

The music makes the wedding here. If you're looking to sing a duet with your love, this is an excellent wedding to draw inspiration from. Also, John Stamos is a forever hair icon.

12. TJ And Liz, 'Gilmore Girls'

This Renaissance-themed occasion might have made Luke and Lorelai giggle, but it made my heart swell. I absolutely believe weddings should reflect the interests of the people getting married, and I loved this one.

13. Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and Blaine, 'Glee'

Two brides marrying each other, two grooms marrying each other, one ceremony, and lots of music. If you're looking to share a wedding spot with a pal, this could be the wedding for you. Even better, as you might expect, the music is top-notch.

14. Blair And Chuck, 'Gossip Girl'

Weddings don't need to take all day, especially when the cops are coming. These two get through their vows pretty quickly, but there's no doubt they love each other, and Central Park provides a gorgeous backdrop.

15. Arizona And Callie, 'Grey's Anatomy'

I never know what time of day makes for the prettiest ceremonies, but this makes a serious case for the evening. That Seattle skyline may clinch the deal on the destination you've been looking for!

16. Stefan And Caroline, 'The Vampire Diaries'

Vampires are inherently sexy, and this wedding is proof. That beautiful yet creepy cage the guests are sitting in looks like a sterile gazebo. Just the thing for these two lovebirds to commit to each other under!

17. CeCe And Schmidt, 'New Girl'

Their wedding was a cross-cultural adventure, and I was totally here for it. It's small and sweet, and it's a perfect example of how much these two love each other. This may give you ideas for how to make your wedding your own while joining together two families!

18. Jane And Michael, 'Jane the Virgin'

Michael learned Spanish just to recite his vows to Jane — such a beautiful surprise. If you're looking to give your vows a creative spin that's specific to your partner, this wedding provides the perfect guide.

19. Crosby And Jasmine, 'Parenthood'

Everything about this wedding is stunning, from the flower girls to the bride (of course) to the floral arrangements. It's in a simple venue, but that doesn't make it any less glam. For anyone thinking of doing a backyard wedding, this could be the way to go.

20. Cory And Topanga, 'Boy Meets World'

This wedding isn't without its fights, but that doesn't mean it's not amazing to look at. In particular, Topanga's dress is a stunner. I want one with a veil that long, just to give the guests more to admire!

My favorite episode of every TV show is usually when my couple of choice gets married. I love the excitement of seeing them tie the knot, as well as the anticipation of wondering what their wedding will look like. If you're looking for some how-tos for planning your dream wedding, look no further than your favorite show! You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams every bit as much as these characters.