'Riverdale' Revealed The Truth About Agent Adams And It Changed Everything


Riverdale hit us with another twist ending tonight, and also seemingly wrapped up that bizarre storyline of Archie being an undercover FBI informant. At the end of Wednesday night's new episode, the truth about Agent Adams on Riverdale came out, and it was a bombshell that turned the whole show upside down. So, where does that big reveal leave Archie in the middle of all this FBI/mafia nonsense, and who is really running things in Riverdale? Let's get into it!

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't seen Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 "The Tell-Tale Heart" yet. As the name of the episode suggests, Wednesday night's Riverdale was a tense one, full of nail-biting moments. Not only did we watch Betty bury a dead body (whose identity is still a big mystery to us... although now we know that he was probably a drug dealer), but we also finally found out what was up with Agent Adams this whole time. I mean, this whole "Archie as an FBI secret agent" storyline has been pretty unbelievable since it started. Why is the FBI working with some random teenager to bring down a mafia boss? There was even a theory (which I gotta admit I was starting to buy into) that Agent Adams was a figment of Archie's imagination, and he was never actually real. But the truth came out at the end of the new episode of Riverdale: Agent Adams was a double agent all along.

Over the last couple of episodes, Archie was supposed to be working with Agent Adams to get dirt on Hiram Lodge and take him down, but surprisingly, Archie had actually begun protecting Hiram from Adams. Archie told Hiram when he overheard Papa Poutine was planning to shoot him, and he lied to Adams when the FBI agent asked if he thought there was any way that Hiram could have been behind Papa Poutine's killing. Finally, Archie straight-up told Hiram about Agent Adams towards the end of Wednesday night's new episode, after he walked in on Adams interrogating his dad, breaking the promise Adams made to Archie when they first met. When Agent Adams presses Archie to place a bug in Hiram's office, Archie instead tells Hiram that he had been secretly working with the FBI for weeks but had not told them anything, and that he had smashed the bug with a hammer. To be honest... I'm a little curious about whether that last part is true or not — Archie tells Hiram that he smashed the bug, but we never saw him do that. Could he have secretly planted the bug during the meeting after all? Hmmm...

Anyway, it turns out that it was a really good thing that Archie had never ratted on the Lodges to Agent Adams, because Adams was actually working for the Lodges this whole time! Yep — it was all a big, twisted test that Hermoine Lodge had constructed to see if Archie would remain faithful to the Lodge family no matter what, and because he came clean about Adams, he passed. So, now Archie is truly in with the shady Lodge family, it seems. The big reveal came at the end of the episode, when the Lodges' butler Andre (remember when Smithers was still around?) drove Archie to meet "the boss." Although we all assumed that meant Hiram, Andre actually took Archie to meet up with Hermoine. That's an interesting turn — for all of this season, it has seemed like Hiram was the guy behind all the shady criminal activity in town, but we might have overlooked the power that Hermoine has in all of this.

But the real concern here is how deep Archie is going to get involved with the Lodge family's criminal activities... and what could it mean for his relationship with Veronica, who told him how uncomfortable she was with Archie getting involved in all this.