You Can Literally Fold Up This Treadmill & Take It On-The-Go For Quick Cardio & I’m Sold

by Georgina Berbari

If you're a cardio-lover, then you can probably relate to the feeling of utter frustration when all the treadmills are taken at the gym (or when someone's passive aggressively staring you down when you exceed the designated time limit). Maybe you've even fantasized about fitting a treadmill into your shoebox-sized apartment so you'd never have to deal with that struggle again — but alas, you're a broke, post-grad millennial who's accepted your endearing shoebox habitat. Not to worry, my friends — the Treadly treadmill is here to make cardio more convenient, and dare I say, maybe even a little more fun, too. Am I the only who's hype AF at the mere thought of never having to leave my house for a cardio workout again? Actually, don't answer that, please.

Treadly is a unique new fitness treadmill that can be used literally wherever you go, and stored in even the most cramped of locations. If the phrase "portable treadmill" kind of secretly turns you on, then Treadly's got you covered, girl, because this new invention is basically designed to be your lightweight, compact, cardio BFF.

Treadlys are just 55 pounds and only five inches thick, which sounds like an actual dream come true for those who work out in smaller living spaces, amirite?


The minimalistic and lightweight design of Treadly treadmills is to-die-for, and it's especially great for anyone who's just not about that clunky, oversized treadmill life. Ronen Chen, the Treadly CEO, tells Elite Daily that the size of this brand new treadmill is convenient for him personally, because he doesn't have space in his own apartment for a conventionally sized treadmill.

"[Treadly] is ideal for my small apartment because I live in NYC and have very limited space," he says. "I store it under my couch and take it out when I want to get a quick workout in, and don't have to worry about it getting walked over by our dogs." #TooRelatable.

But just because these bad boys are tiny doesn't mean they aren't high-tech AF. These compact treadmills are built with intricate, infrared stepping technology, which tracks the position of your feet on the belt and adjusts the speed accordingly. I never thought I'd see the day when a treadmill was smarter than me, but here we are, I suppose.

What's really cool is that there are three stepping location zones on Treadly treadmills to help you determine your pace: slow, normal, and fast. Depending on where your foot lands, that's how fast the Treadly will decide to go to support your workout. If your feet land closet to the top of the mat, the pace will pick up, and if you start to slow down and let your feet roam toward the bottom of the treadmill, the speed will slow down. Treadlys are designed with these speed limitations because you have the option of doing your cardio sesh on them without handrails.

But, if that freaks you out (same), you have the option of attaching handrails for a more secure cardio experience.


Basically, if you attach the handrail, you'll no longer have those preset speed limitations, and you'll have a more standard cardio experience.

More specifically, though, without the handrails attached, you'll only be able to get up to 3.7 miles per hour — but with the handrails tacked on, you'll have the option to increase your workout to five miles per hour. I'm thinking that'll feel like a power walk or super casual jog, but everyone's different in their ~stride~ know what I mean?

If you're super into the incline option during your usual treadmill workouts, then you might be a bit disappointed to discover that Treadly doesn't include that feature in its machine. However, it does include an LCD screen that shows you your workout time, steps, and distance, along with a quiet compact motor (which, in simpler terms, means the treadmill is quiet AF and won't wake up your roomies or neighbors). Bless up.

If Treadly sounds right up your alley, then you should note that it only ships within the U.S., and as of writing this article, these babies are currently $699 for the pre-order period, but will soon set you back $1197. Act fast to get that killer deal, y'all!