The Trailer For 'Five Feet Apart' Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Love is in the air, but unfortunately for the protagonists of the new movie Five Feet Apart, so is life-threatening bacteria. The new movie tells the story of Will (Cole Sprouse) and Stella (Haley Lu Richardson), two teenagers with cystic fibrosis whose burgeoning romance is hindered by the possibility that they could swap dangerous infections if they come within more than six feet of each other. The trailer for Five Feet Apart just came out, and it's just about guaranteed to make you cry.

In the trailer, Will and Stella have a grim meet-cute in the NICU of a hospital while both breathing through oxygen tubes. Their nurse warns them that the rules require they remain six feet apart because they're both sick. But, based on the prolonged eye contact between them and their flirty smirks, the two lovebirds are not going to let their illnesses stand in their way, especially since Will is a rebellious teen heartthrob type. "Let me guess, you're the kind of guy that ignores the rules 'cause it makes you feel in control," Stella asks Will in the trailer. "Am I right?" Watch the trailer and see for yourself if you think he is that kind of guy:

Five Feet Apart is based on the book of the same name by Rachel Lippincott. The book was only just published in November 2018, but the movie rights were snatched up right away because this story is so captivating that it had to be brought to life on screen right away.

Fans already know and love Sprouse as Jughead on Riverdale. But way before he was brooding in Pop Tate's, Sprouse was a child actor, starring on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and playing Ross' son Ben on Friends. Five Feet Apart will mark his first time returning to the big screen in 20 years since he starred opposite Adam Sandler in 1999's Big Daddy.

Richardson hasn't been on screen for quite as long as Sprouse has, but you might recognize her from 2016's The Edge of Seventeen. She's been posting about her role in Five Feet Apart on her Instagram, and showing how excited she and Sprouse are for their new movie:

Even though the book was only released a few months ago, it's already garnered a bunch of fans who are already super pumped for the movie to come out.

Five Feet Apart follows in the footsteps of books and movies like The Fault in our Stars and Everything, Everything, which feature star-crossed teen lovers dealing with life-threatening illnesses. The Fault in Our Stars won MTV Movie of the Year in 2015 and Everything, Everything won the Teen Choice Award for Best Drama in 2017. So there's a good chance that Five Feet Apart will follow in those movies' footsteps and be a big hit. At the very least, if the trailer is any indication, Five Feet Apart is sure to get your tear ducts flowing.

Five Feet Apart hits theaters everywhere March 22, 2019.