This is Us

The 'This Is Us' Episode 3 Promo Teases A Life-Changing Moment For Kate & Toby

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us arrived with a two-hour thunderclap after the extended hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5. Fans got a little bit of everything, with storylines that promised birth, death, marriage, and even a miraculous recovery. But where does the story go from here? The opening hours of Season 5 have already promised revelations no one saw coming. The good news is, the This Is Us Season 5, Episode 3 promo suggests everything is on the table.

Warning: Spoilers for the two-hour premiere of This is Us Season 5 follow. The Season 5 premiere had a lot of ground to cover, but even with two hours to fill, some things had to be back-burnered. The most significant of these was Kate and Toby's pending adoption plans, which were up in the air. (As Kate observed, adoption was not like Amazon, with a promised two-day delivery.) But forward movement came at the very end of the hour as the agency "matched" Toby and Kate with someone named Elle.

The adoption storyline will take center stage once the West-coast Pearsons are back in California, along with all the uncertainty and fears that go with such a significant decision. Meanwhile, there's also movement on the Kevin and Madison engagement front. As for the other ticking time bomb This Is Us dropped, it's heading for Randall's life. Luckily for him, it looks like he might have at least a week to breathe.

The title for Season 5 Episode 3 is "Changes," which feels very apropos. As for the synopsis:

Kevin and Madison navigate their engagement as Kate and Toby take a big step in their adoption journey. Jack and Rebecca brace for puberty.

Though the episode trailer shows little of the tween Pearson set, according to showrunner Dan Fogelman, it's their story that grounds this week's action. As he cryptically told Entertainment Weekly:

We get back to our little ones, our 13-year-olds. There's one of those storylines that plays like a little bit of a mystery in the course of the episode — and then provide the beginning of an answer by the end.

Fans will have to wait a week to find out what he means, as the 2020 election will bump This Is Us' next episode back a week. Season 5 continues on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.