Kate in This is Us

The ‘This Is Us’ Season 4, Episode 13 Promo Gives Kate The Worst Week Of All

by Ani Bundel

So far, the first two parts of This Is Us latest Big Three trilogy have given both Randall and Kevin "A Hell of a Week." Randall survived a break-in at his house and wound up having a nervous breakdown by the end of the hour. Kevin started his with a trip home for Sophie's mother's funeral, and then ended up in bed with his sister's BFF, Madison. Now in Part 3, it will be Kate's turn. The This Is Us Season 4, Episode 13 promo promises her "A Hell of a Week" may be the hardest of all. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

But first, a programming note. The trailer for the next episode begins with the announcement: "In two weeks...." That's because there is no installment of This Is Us on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. As happens every year at this time, the series will be preempted for the State of the Union. This means fans will be left wondering about Kate's story, and the conclusion of this trilogy, for an extra week.

But the good news is the wait looks like it will be worth it. Check out the synopsis for "A Hell of a Week: Part 3."

Kate finds strength in unexpected places.

And here's the trailer.

The last time viewers checked in with Kate, at the mid-season premiere, Toby had just admitted a marriage-ending level confession. Not of cheating, or of emotional unfaithfulness, but his internalized ableism against his son, Baby Jack. Kate is heartbroken, especially since her gift to Toby for his birthday was or the three of them to go on a retreat where they can connect and learn from other parents of blind children, and learn how to help their son.

The episode ended on a note of hope, as Toby connected with Jack when his son finally distinguished light and shadow for the first time. But the series has already hinted this was a short-lived respite. When Kevin gets back from the funeral at the end of "A Hell of a Week" Part 2," Madison is over at Kate's house, dogsitting the family pooch while everyone is gone.

But when Kevin asks where everyone is, she offhandedly says Kate and Jack are at the retreat. Toby is "at work." Perhaps something unavoidable came up? But even so, his non-attendance at something so important for his son's future well-being suggests Kate isn't kidding when she tells her brothers this marriage is hanging by a thread.

This Is Us next airs on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.