Next Week’s ‘This Is Us’ Will Give Fans New Details About Uncle Nicky

by Ani Bundel

Ever since This Is Us introduced the lost Pearson clan member Nicky, fans have been curious about him. Most assumed, since the character from all accounts died in the Vietnam War, learning about him would require flashbacks to Jack's teenage years. This is indeed how fans were introduced to the character earlier in the season. But when the winter finale revealed he was alive and well (and living in Bradford of all places), it was just a matter of time before he turned up in the present day. The This Is Us Season 3 Episode 11 promo promises the time has come in their first official two-part episode.

This Is Us has done "linked" episodes before, including the Thanksgiving trio of episodes last year "Number One," "Number Two," and "Number Three." But "Songbird Road: Part One" is the first time the show has done a traditional "two-parter," suggesting this is one of the most significant moments of the series so far.

It is pretty apparent, whatever happens this coming week, the show is working hard to keep all spoilers under wraps. The synopsis is short and sweet.

Rebecca and the Big Three reckon with secrets Jack kept from them. Jack's Vietnam story continues to be revealed.

Here's the trailer, which doesn't give fans too much to work with.

The reveal Nicky (played in the past by Michael Angarano and in the present by Griffin Dunne) is alive would be big enough a shock in most cases. But not for This Is Us. This week's episode ended with a double whammy for Kevin. Not only is his uncle alive and living in Pennsylvania, but Jack *knew.*

Of course, Kate has the biggest trouble with this last fact, but everyone saw that coming.

Viewers also assume Randall's win will be a factor next week. But the sense from both the synopsis and the trailer suggest most of the current stories will be back-burnered for the next two episodes, and perhaps reveal something else fans didn't know about Jack.


The postcard is dated 1992. One of the lesser discussed parts of Jack's history the fact that is something happened between 1990 and 1996 causing him to start to drink. Now, most fans have assumed it was a slow slide. Jack always drank, and then he drank more, and then one day in the mid-90s his alcoholism having spiraled off the deep end.

But while this is a way addiction can insidiously take over a life, many times, there's a triggering event. A loved one passing away, a divorce, a job loss, something flips the switch. It will be interesting to see if Jack's receiving the postcard from Nicky, and the visit the trailer shows a short clip from, ties into his addiction issues down the line.

Also, who wants to bet the shot of the trio standing outside Nicky's trailer is the final scene in next week's episode, and Griffin Dunne doesn't actually show up on screen until Part 2? Please place your bets now.