Celebrate Thanksgiving With Sex Positions Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

When I think of Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing meal. Then, all the hours it takes to prepare — and then to clean up. In all that hustling to make the holiday happen, I often forget what it's all about. I forget to remember all the things I have to be thankful for, like the turkey on my plate, the family in my heart, and, of course, all the orgasms I’ll be having later in my bed. Want to add a "big O" to the list of things you're thankful for? The Thanksgiving sex position you should try based on your Myers-Briggs personality type is a great place to get started.

Thanksgiving sex positions are just one more reason to be grateful for online personality tests. Speaking of which, if you don't know your personality type, start by taking this test. Once you know your type, you’ll be ready to ring in Thanksgiving in style — and by style, I mean by coming. So, whether you're an ESFJ who loves to celebrate by getting your boo off, or an ENTP who just wants to relax and bask in some sweet holiday lovin', this list of pumpkin-spiced positions will have you in the celebrating mood and feeling oh-so-very thankful.

ENTJ “The Commander” or ESTJ “The Executive”: Warm Pumpkin Pie

For personality types as passionate and all-business as ENTJ and ESTJ, the ease and convenience of The Warm Pumpkin Pie is a perfect position — in part because it’s just so easy to achieve in any setting, and because it's highly efficient if you want sneak in a holiday quickie.

To get into this position, pull up a chair and have the penetrating partner take a seat. Then, the receiving partner slowly lowers themselves onto their seated partner’s lap. This way the receiving partner can control the speed and pressure while the penetrating partner can reach in and give them some festive clitoral stimulation.

ISTP “The Virtuoso” Or ISFP “The Adventurer”: Yam Bam Thank You Ma’am

The best positions for both ISFP and ISTP are a little adventurous and unpredictable, but will still allow both partners to connect and get lost in the physical sensation. Which is why The Yam Bam Thank You Ma’am will definitely fill both types with gratitude and, ahem... other things.

To assume this holiday position, the penetrating partner sits up with their legs stretched out in front of them, bracing themselves with an arm behind them. The receiving partner, facing away, straddles their partner with their legs behind their partner and their hands propping them up on either side of their partner’s knees. This position is great for both clitoral stimulation and spanking — that is, if you’ve been a naughty pilgrim.

ESFP “The Entertainer” Or INTJ “The Architect”: Casse-Roll Me Over

For spontaneous and energetic ESFP, and for the highly imaginative INTJ who just can’t get out of their own head sometimes, this position puts the freaky in festive — and will having you overflowing with holiday spirit. After rushing around to get the holiday dinner together, here is a rush you will actually welcome. (And by rush, I mean head rush.)

To get into this position, the receiving partner will lay on the bed face-down, with their legs together and their head and torso hanging off the end of the bed—but supported by their arms. The penetrating partner will lay on top the lower part of your body, penetrating from behind and rocking back and forth.

INTP “The Logician” or ESTP “The Entrepreneur”: Stuff The Turkey

For both INTP and ESTP, sex is best when it’s adventurous and deep, if you know what I’m saying. So, if penetration is something you’re extra grateful for — or would like to be — then it’s time to Stuff the Turkey.

To achieve this position, the receiving partner curls up with their knees together and underneath them and their face turned to the side. The receiving partner, either on their knees or standing by the edge of the bed, enters from behind.

ESFJ “The Consul” Or ENFP “The Campaigner”: The Gobble Gobble

For both ESFJ, who loves to please, and ENFP, who is up for anything, any time, The Gobble Gobble is just the perfect dish. And if your holiday appetite is insatiable, here's the perfect Thanksgiving dessert.

To achieve this position, the receiving partner lies back on the bed with their head hanging off the side. The penetrating partner then stands in front of the receiving partner and carefully enters their mouth. Take it easy — this position is for gentle but deep oral.

ENTP “The Debater” Or ISTJ “The Logistician”: Head Of The Table

For ISTJ, who deserves a treat for putting their all into making this holiday perfect, and ENTP, who just assumes they deserve all the attention, I present The Head of the Table. This rewarding position is what I call a real celebration.

To assume this position, have the giving partner lie on their back with their knees bent up to create a neck rest for the receiving partner. The receiving partner will then lie back on their partner's chest with their legs open on either side of their head, allowing the giving partner access for some well-deserved oral pleasure.

INFJ “The Advocate” Or ENFJ “The Protagonist”: Pass the Cram-Berry

At the end of a long holiday, sometimes you just want to lie back and think of America. If that's the case, then this position has got you covered. Get into missionary position with the receiving partner on the bottom, but with the legs outstretched in a V — for victory, if you know what I’m sayin’.

ENFJ will appreciate the way this position puts their body on full, glorious display, and INFJ loves how it’s just stuffed with eye contact and opportunity for powerful connection.

INFP “The Mediator” or ISFJ “The Defender”: Get Your Plymouth Rocks Off

Both INFP and ISFJ are very selfless and giving personality types. As a result, you can guess that both of these folks will be exhausted from having put their heart and soul into making the holiday special. So, when post-dinner nookie time arrives, they don't want to let their partner down — they want to get them off. But honestly… they’re tired. In that case, Get Your Plymouth Rocks Off is the perfect position.

In order to achieve this, both partners lay side-by-side, reaching over to pleasure the other. Then when you’re done, you don't even have to move — just drift off into a turkey and orgasm-induced snooze.

Now that you know how to celebrate, it's time to enjoy the post-meal fireworks. After all, if an orgasm (or several) isn’t something to be thankful for this year, I don’t know what is.