This Week's Strawberry Moon Will Shine Brightly, Here's When To Catch A Glimpse

by Valerie Mesa

You're not alone. The air is thick and gloomy, and I'm pretty sure you feel it, too. Nothing is coincidence, on the contrary, this just proves the universe is speaking directly to you. The Strawberry Moon 2018 will light up the sky, in the sign of Capricorn, this Thursday, June 28 at 12:53 a.m. ET. Every moon has an energetic theme, and it's up to us to really take advantage of its cosmic goodness and universal message. In fact, all of the moon's phases have an individual meaning. For instance, the new moon, is a spiritual doorway to new beginnings. This energy is ideal for planting seeds and setting intentions, especially for the things we want to develop and manifest. This lunar phase has no illumination, and its darkness is a pure representation of the germination stage and birthing. The full moon, on the other hand, occurs when the moon is exactly opposite the sun. This lunar phase is a representation of completion, harvest, and spiritual culmination.

Everything comes to the light during a full moon, and since the moon rules our emotions and shadow side, all that is exposed during this time can feel a bit heavy, to say the least. Full moons are like a cosmic progress report of the past six months. For example, do you remember where you were during the new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 16? How far have you come since? What were you building toward? Are you seeing the fruits of your labor? Things are about to come full circle, but first, here's a closer look at this moon's energetic influence.

Why So Serious?

Capricorn is practical AF, hence its cold demeanor and ruthless determination. It's no coincidence Capricorn season starts on Winter Solstice, aka the darkest time of the year. The goat is realistic, focused, grounded, and strict with its ambitions. This is the type of energy we will experience during this time.

The Moon Will Conjunct Saturn In Capricorn

This month's Strawberry Moon is sitting right next to structured Saturn, Capricorn's planetary ruler, which in turn, makes this lunation even more ruthless. Saturn, aka Father Time and Lord of Karma, leaves no room for fantasy. On the contrary, it wants all of the facts. In case you haven't noticed, this planet does not partake in any sort of funny business. Saturn is no nonsense.

Do You Feel Hopeless?

Saturn is so serious that its energy can be overpowering and cut-throat ruthless, especially if you haven't been putting in the work. This planet is similar to an old, wise professor with traditional values, and strict expectations. Now, if you've been making responsible decisions, and working hard to achieve your goals, the Strawberry Moon might bring you the closure you've been looking for. With Saturn, all you receive strictly depends on the effort you put in, hence he's referred to as Father Time and the Lord of Karma.

You're Almost There

Not to worry; the full moon and Saturn will also be making a gorgeous trine with sporadic Uranus, planet of chaos and revolution, bringing you unexpected opportunities that could increase your productivity, and bring structure into your life. This energy could help you grow and build a solid foundation. The sun in sensitive Cancer could also make this an emotional and fulfilling experience.

Be Gentle With Yourself

The Strawberry Moon is a reminder to stay true to your emotions. It is Cancer season, after all. The emotional Cancer sun is opposing the structured Capricorn moon. The theme of this lunation is both emotional and realistic. In simpler terms, it's important that we find balance between our needs and the needs of others. Are you honoring your emotions? Be gentle with yourself. You deserve to be happy.