The 'Stranger Things' Cast At The Golden Globes Will Get You Pumped For Season 3

by Ani Bundel

Stranger Things was the darling of the awards circuit last season, one of many newcomers to the Best Drama category along with Westworld, The Crown, and This Is Us. But the real joy for fans of the series wasn't just seeing the new show get attention from the Hollywood Foreign Press – it was seeing how the kids on the red carpet came out with high class, A-lister level game in the fashion department. It's made any appearance by the Stranger Things cast at awards shows a must-watch for the fashion community.

Last year, the Fab Four of Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin functioned like a collectors' set, with each one embodying one facet of male red carpet fashion. Their showstopper looks were only eclipsed by Millie Bobby Brown, who came out of the gate like a young Drew Barrymore, slaying the carpet game with some of the most age-appropriate yet sophisticated looks we've seen since Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka grew up.

Millie Bobbie Brown was overlooked this year in the nominations, much to the distress of fans, but interestingly enough the real outcry was the snub of Noah Schnapp, who became a full cast member only this season for the show. (In Season 1, he was only a guest star, since half the season he wasn't on screen.) Neither of them seemed to mind missing out on nominations.

Check out their red carpet arrivals!

This year, we have a slightly expanded group, with Sadie Sink added into the mix. We've already seen how they look together at the Emmys, and if that's any indication, the Golden Globes will be as easy to navigate as the Snow Ball. With rumors they're all wearing black to the red carpet confirmed, they'll once again look like a set of collectibles.

Check out Finn Wolfhard's look:

And here's Millie Bobby Brown:

Not that we should sleep on the adults of the show either. David Harbour is a huge fan favorite, and as long as no one brings up his Trump rant from the SAGs last year, he might get through the evening unscathed.

Actually, he might be counting on the Hollywood Foreign Press remembering that and hoping for a viral repeat if they give him the win in the Limited TV Series Supporting Actor category. (Nice trick by Netflix to make his path to a Actor nod so much easier by submitting him there. After all, Big Little Lies doesn't have a lot of men to dominate the category.)

Winona Ryder is also expected to turn up, and though her style seems to have stopped evolving sometime in the mid 1990s, she's lucky enough that that's the height of fashion now. Chalk one up for putting a career on pause for exactly the length of time it takes to become trendy again. We're only sorry she didn't score a nomination, but there's always Season 3.

Then there are the teens. Like Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams a couple tables over for Game of Thrones, Natalia Dyer has been crash coursing her way into red carpet fashion with decent results. Charlie Heaton looks great in a suit; all he has to do is wash his hair, and he cleans up wonderfully.

And finally, Joe Keery will be a highlight, and if history is any indication, we might be lucky enough that he teams up with Dacre Montgomery for the handsomest Steve and Billy show of our dreams. Of course we could get even luckier and watch Keery team up with Gaten on the red carpet, but the event might not be able to handle that much charm in such close approximation.