Here’s What The Spring Equinox On Tuesday Means For Your Love Life

While you may think the new year falls on Jan. 1, there's another "new year" you can observe. Stars actually re-align during the spring equinox on March 20. If you're in the dark about this zodiac-phrase, spring equinox means, essentially, a new beginning. The event is marked by the sun moving into Aries, which is the first zodiac sign.

I spoke to astrologer Kimberly Dewhirst about the upcoming spring equinox, and how it will affect us all.

"There's a sense of freshness, newness and invigoration for sure, and it's a wonderful time to be frisky and perk up around matters of the heart," Dewhirst tells Elite Daily. "Optimism and bravery are cornerstones of this time of year, and it's a favorable moment to take action in matters of the heart."

Dewhirst says that during this time, the "spring equinox mercury will be aligned with Venus, which is terrific for clarity around what we desire." She adds that it's a good time to refocus and consider what you desire, and making the plans to get just that.

So while the stars are in your favor, the spring equinox is the perfect time to shake things up a little – rejuvenate stale relationships, explore your creativity, and go on an adventure. Why not? It's the new year.

Here are the four ways to make the most of your spring equinox.

If you haven't been on a date in a while, set one up.
Lauren Naefe/Stocksy

If you were feeling discouraged about dating after a few rough months of dead-end first dates, the spring equinox can be your refresh button. You may be feeling a wave of inspiration for new romantic pursuits, so plant the seeds to make it happen. Re-download the apps, or ask out that barista who always compliments you, and see where the equinox takes you. Your time off from the dating scene will allow you to jump back in with a new excitement and optimism.

Freshen up your long-term relationship with a trip or a different kind of date night.
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Step outside your regular routine of dinner or bars, and try something totally different. Take a road trip together, plan a stay-cation, or go on a double date with another couple you both like. Refreshing your relationship will start the new year off right, and shared new experiences will create special memories as the spring equinox takes place.

Tell your crush how you really feel.
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I know this can sometimes feel like the scariest thing in the world, but putting yourself out there can actually yield the results you want! Harness the bravery of the spring equinox to work in your favor. Tell your crush that you like them – instead of being scared of your fears coming to fruition, remember the best-case scenario can happen, too.

Break free of a toxic relationship holding you back.
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Find your peace and freedom from someone who is clouding your life with toxic behaviors. From a partner to a hookup buddy, if someone isn't giving you the respect and care you deserve then they deserve to be chopped. If they're the weakest link, goodbye. (Throwback to that game show, seriously.)

No matter what you do to take full advantage of the spring equinox – remember to give yourself realistic timelines and goals. Happy new year, everybody.

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