Young woman looking at snowy forest during December full moon

The Spiritual Meaning Of This Month's Full Moon Is Traditional At Heart

With the year coming to a close, December's highly anticipated full moon in Gemini will be swirling with validation from the cosmos, along with some much-needed clarity. However, before you think you're going to take the easy way out, the spiritual meaning of the December 2019 full moon is actually a lot more traditional than you'd expect. This is especially true with the sun and Mercury traveling through the adventurous sign of the archer. Although, after Jupiter's shift into serious Capricorn, it's safe to say Saturn-ruled Capricorn will take it from here — and that includes December's full moon, too.

This month will be jam-packed with astrological transits, which means you will experience shifts, both personally and collectively. Jupiter — planet of abundance, expansion, luck, and bounty — will shift into Capricorn on Dec. 2, where it will remain for the next 13 months. Luckily, this will definitely soothe out some of the tension Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have brought upon you. Jupiter can be incredibly gracious, so let's hope for the best.

What Happens During The Full Moon?

Did you know at least 60% of the human body is made of water? The reason I ask is because both the sun and the moon emanate a divine frequency capable of influencing the ocean tides, along with the water within your body. This brings me to my next point: Both of these powerful luminaries can heighten your emotions and evoke consciousness. For instance, the sun represents your outer world, physical identity, and ego; it is equivalent to the way you express yourself in the physical dimension, genuinely and unapologetically.

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The moon, however, represents your inner world, shadow self, and emotional foundation. It's a symbol of your innermost feelings, intuitive instincts, and a karmic reflection of who you are in the dark. There's no denying that there's a divine force stemming from the magical phases of the moon, especially during the full moon phase. When the moon reaches her peak, she sits directly opposite the sun, which represents the divine feminine and sacred masculine coming together to create harmony between emotional and physical realities.

With the sun and moon on complete opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, the collective is being challenged to create a healthy balance between their inner world and external surroundings.

Full Moon in Gemini 2019: Dec. 12 At 12:12 a.m. ET

The astrological axis that belong to Gemini and Sagittarius revolves around the lower and higher mind. For instance, Gemini collects the raw data and immediate facts, while Sagittarius challenges the definition intuitively, leading to its desire to venture into unknown territory. With the sun transiting through the adventurous sign of the archer, and the moon in the curious sign of Gemini, you — personally and collectively — will be challenged to integrate traditional perceptions, based on your inner knowing.

What types of intentions did you make during the new moon in Gemini on June 3? Remember, when the moon is full, your hidden truths, desires, and power become illuminated. This will be especially true in regard to your current partnerships and general ability to compromise. Amidst Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow, the messenger planet will make a semi-square to Saturn, which can spark negative thinking and a bit of obsession, thanks to powerful Pluto. This means unions and investments that aren't secure will experience deep transformation during this time.