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The Spiritual Meaning Of The August Full Moon Will Bring People Together

by Valerie Mesa

There's an extraordinary full moon headed our way, and it will glimmer like lightning through the night in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius on Aug. 3. The phases of the moon activate your intuitive mind and validate your unspoken desires, and the spiritual meaning of the August 2020 full moon will focus on Uranian themes such as freedom, individuality, and social movements.

Uranus also happens to be Aquarius' celestial ruler, and during this lunation rebellious Uranus will portray both the role of the cosmic protagonist and antagonist. In every full moon story, the sun also plays a significant role. During a full moon, the sun sits directly opposite the moon, bringing forth an opportunity to find harmony between the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies within you. With the moon in Aquarius and the sun in Leo, the energetic theme of the August full moon in Aquarius has everything to do with your heart opposing your mind. Ultimately, both of these energies go hand in hand as one can't exist without the other. But more than anything, the Leo-Aquarius astrological axis reminds us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In its simplest meaning, there's no such thing as a community without an individual, and vice versa. So during this full moon, use this time to surround yourself with like-minded groups of individuals — people with similar hopes, wishes, and dreams. Then ask ourself: How can your unique gifts make a difference in the world?


Change-maker Uranus, the planet of chaos, technology, rebellion, and unexpected change, will dominate the energetic effects of this lunation. Leading a challenging T-Square together with sun and moon, the full moon will illuminate what hasn't yet been acknowledged, especially when it comes to the current events. Everything from the social atmosphere to the way people have been engaging with one another will be highlighted during this time.

Warrior-like Mars will square off with Jupiter-Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and this will challenge collective belief systems along with society's ability to expand and tap into a higher state of consciousness. The collective is experiencing a powerful rebirth as we speak and with the North Node in Gemini, there's a lot of emphasis on the way human beings process information. Interestingly enough, Mercury will also sit in an opposition to Saturn, and this could create friction, especially if the information being communicated at a global level isn't coming from a place of integrity. Sound familiar?

Uranus-ruled Aquarius is equally as rebellious as it is a humanitarian spirit, and this full moon will shed light on the unfortunate series of events happening all around at this very moment and will illuminate the social injustices that need to be addressed.