The Spiritual Meaning Of A Partial Solar Eclipse Is Beautiful, So Don't Miss It

It's easy to imagine the impact a solar eclipse had on our ancient ancestors — what with the atmosphere randomly shifting into darkness, the Sun suddenly disappearing behind a black shadow, and then its swift reappearance once the eclipse has concluded. They probably thought that their world was coming to an end, that their gods and goddesses finally decided to punish them for their wrongdoings, or worse! Thanks to technological and scientific advancements, it's been proven that, more or less, our world is safe from supernatural intervention during a solar eclipse. However, we still have something in common with our ancestors: the undeniable effect it has on our mind, body, and soul. On Feb. 15, a solar eclipse will darken our skies once again, but before you start making assumptions like our ancestors did, bear in mind that this eclipse will be "partial" rather than "total." The spiritual meaning of a partial solar eclipse is less dramatic than that of a total solar eclipse, but it is certainly not without its cosmic significance.

Astrologers and new-agers alike consider a solar eclipse the signifier of a new beginning. While all solar eclipses occur on the new moon, which always wipes the slate clean from last month, a solar eclipse only intensifies this distinction between the past and the future yet to come.

The Beginning Of A New Chapter

A solar eclipse brings sudden and unexpected change to your life. Your transition into this new chapter could seem a bit disorienting. You might feel like you've been picked up without warning and then dropped off somewhere you don't recognize. You might feel like you're not yourself. You might receive some unexpected news that alters the course of your journey forever. If you're lucky, this news will be infused with joy and if not, perhaps this news will make you rearrange your perception of reality completely. Either way, there is always a positive outcome from such a change and it might not be apparent until further down the line. It's also important to note that the effect of a solar eclipse takes at least a few weeks to settle into place, so if you're feeling frustrated and confused during this time, be patient and remain open to what the universe has in store for you.

More often than not, a solar eclipse is an optimistic time full of promise, excitement, and invigoration. It's a time to reassess your goals, quit worrying about things you cannot change, and make a plan to change the things you can. It's about airing out all tension that we've been repressing and breaking the shackles that have been holding us back.

A partial solar eclipse carries the same meaning as a total solar eclipse, except with slightly less weight. If you experienced drastic changes to your life during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, remember that the toll the partial solar eclipse on Feb. 15 takes won't be as intense.

A Ritual To Protect Your Energy

Despite the galvanizing energy a solar eclipse shoots into your soul, it can be a period of total disarray. In order to harness that energy and channel it into something that benefits you rather than hurts you, performing a ritual to protect yourself from harm can transform the experience into a great one. Before you begin, remember to always sage your space and then open a window to allow the negative energy to escape. While you can always create your own ritual from scratch, here's one that will help you start off this new chapter of life with a bang. You'll need:

Frankincense essential oil

Clear quartz

Hematite (or any other dark crystal like tourmaline or obsidian)

2 white candles

Bowl of water

Arrange the two candles on your altar (any cleansed surface will do) then light them. Pour a few drops of the frankincense oil into the bowl of water. Dip both the clear quartz and the hematite crystal into the water and allow them to sit. Take some time to breathe deeply, close your eyes, and meditate on your intentions. Perhaps you have a goal in mind. Envision yourself achieving that goal and let the joy of your success fill you up. Whenever you're ready, repeat as many times as you'd like:

I am pure, I am whole, I am power.

I was a seed and now, I am blooming

into a flower.

When you're finished, remove the stones from the water. You can dry them off with a cloth or allow them to air dry for added infusion. The clear quartz will cleanse your energy and the hematite will protect it. Both crystals are now powered by this ritual. Keep the crystals with you always or keep them in a safe place, somewhere you spend a lot of time. Allow the candles to burn all the way through.