6 Thoughts Everyone Had While Watching The Solar Eclipse

by Tessa Harvey

In case you missed it, the eclipse was today. People from all over the nation traveled to the path of totality, AKA, the path where you get the best view of the eclipse. In the path of totality, the sky actually goes dark and the moon completely covers the sun. So obviously, the best place to watch the eclipse is somewhere along this path. If you were one of the lucky ones who gazed up at the sky, you probably had many thoughts during the solar eclipse.

It's been said to be one of the most stunning experiences ever. Obviously, not all of us can travel to the path of totality to get the best views, but those of us who did have an experience to remember and hold onto for a lifetime. Just think of the stories you can brag about to your grandchildren.

So, while watching the eclipse, you probably had a million things racing through your mind. In fact, I'm sure everyone watching the solar eclipse had way too many thoughts to even count. But, if we had to group all of our thoughts into categories, I'm sure it would go a little something like this. Here are six thoughts everyone probably had while watching the solar eclipse today.

1. OMG, There Are So Many People Out Here

You'd heard there would be a lot of eclipse chasers, but not like this. OMG, the traffic is actually insane. Good thing you packed some great snacks.

2. When Does This Thing Even Start?

Glasses, check. Looking up, check. Uh... everyone's just standing around with glasses on. Nothing's happening. Is the eclipse really today, though?

3. What If My Glasses Don't Work?

Did you see all those articles about going blind? Ugh, is that a scratch on my glasses?! Is this even worth it?

4. Ahh, It's Starting!

I take it back. This is so worth it. Yas, eclipse!

5. This Is The Coolest Thing I Will Ever See

OK, like, woah. No one prepared me for all of this celestial beauty. Look at how weird everything looks in complete darkness. Look at how magnificent the light is.

6. You're Telling Me I Have To Wait How May Years To See This Again?

That was the most amazing sight I've ever seen. When's the next eclipse? It's in 2024? Ugh. Catch you next time, eclipse.