The SinfulColors Pride Collection Will Give You The Prettiest Pride Mani For Under $3

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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Courtesy of SinfulColors
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If you're looking to drip Pride from your fingertips this Pride month then lucky for you the SinfulColors Pride Collection is now available on Amazon. The new collection boasts six shades of the rainbow all with a sparkly, glittery finish, because of course, incorporating glitter into your Pride ~lewk~ is an absolute must.

The entire collection is made up of "Tainted Love," a sparkly red, "Tight Squeeze," a sparkly orange, "Natural Blonde," a sparkly yellow, "Filthy Rich," a sparkly green, "Love is Love," a sparkly blue, and "Drag Queen," a sparkly violet. The Pride collection also comes with the Grind & Glow Shimmer Power which is a rainbow shimmer face powder, because as previously mentioned, you can't incorporate the rainbow into your Pride look without also incorporating glitter.

You can find the entire collection on Amazon for just $16.18, which means that each product costs less than $3. What's more is that, even after June (A.K.A. Pride Month) ends, you'll still be able to cop the collection as it's now available year-round.

While the fact that you can now give yourself a glittery rainbow Pride mani for super cheap is amazing, perhaps the best part about this collection is that SinfulColors commissioned seven visual artists from the LGBTQ+ community to design the content imagery that is being used to showcase the new collection. SinfulColors worked with artists like @austindoesdesign, @heyrooney, @rheabambulu, @martigcummings, @msritzybitz, @thebritafilter, and @abearnamedtroy to develop a range of artwork to celebrate Pride and the Pride Collection for the brand's website and Instagram.

The artwork that the various artists came up with includes things like photos of nail art created with the collection, illustrations of the nail polishes, photographs of the products, and much more.

Courtesy of SinfulColors

In addition to providing content for the SinfulColors' brand, the artwork created by the selection of artists can also inspire your manicure to wear to your next Pride event. So if you're tired of the traditional manicure where you paint each nail a different color of the rainbow, then you can look to the range of artwork to draw ideas for rainbow-inspired nail art.

There's ideas like painting the entire rainbow arch on one nail, incorporating flames on one nail, having a nail with a white center and a striped rainbow background, and much more. To keep up with all of the Pride manicure inspiration that SinfulColors will be rolling out, be sure to keep a close eye on their Instagram page (@SinfulColors_Official) as the brand will be posting the artwork created by their team of selected artists all month long.

So no matter if it's your first time celebrating Pride month or you've celebrated the past 10 years, you plan on only attending the Pride Parade or you have an event scheduled everyday, you change up your manicure daily or rock the same one all month long, you're going to want to get your hands on SinfulColors' Pride Collection as it's super affordable, benefits artists in the LGBTQ+ community, and of course, includes lots of glitter.

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