The 'Sharp Objects' Mid-Credit Scene Explains So Much In Such A Short Amount Of Time

by Ani Bundel

For those who have read the book, the TV show version of Sharp Objects ended rather abruptly. Warning: Spoilers for the Sharp Objects Finale (and a few from the book) follow. Instead of a big build up in St. Louis, the disappearance of one of Amma's classmates, and the grisly discovery of a body missing six teeth, the show chose to do the ending differently. Instead, Camille discovers the new decor in Amma's dollhouse by sheer happenstance, before Amma's friend May has even been determined to be missing. But for those who were confused, the Sharp Objects mid-credit scene and the ending one made sure to clear up any confusion as to who the murderer really was.

In the book, it's a huge twist when May turns up dead with her teeth missing. Camille is convinced Adora did it, even if not all the facts line up correctly. When it turns out it's Amma who killed May — and Natalie Keene and Ann Nash — it's a stomach-churning, dawning horror... one that ends up sending Camille off the deep end.

But the TV show doesn't dwell on this. Instead, Camille finds the floor of "Adora's" room in the dollhouse paved with teeth, and Amma comes in and says "Shhhh, don't tell Mama."

At that moment it's unclear what has happened. Did Amma help her mother kill those girls, and kept the teeth? Or did Amma kill those girls herself, and Adora is innocent?

About halfway through the credits, in the middle of Led Zeppelin's "In The Evening," everything comes to a screeching halt and a ten second, wildly jarring, jump-cut filled clip plays. For those who missed it, here it is, in slowed down format, so you can see what's going on.

Adora may have killed Marian, but she is innocent of Natalie and Ann's deaths. Amma killed them both, with an assist from her roller skating friends. Ann died in the woods, near the pond where she was found. Natalie died in her bedroom — the bloodstain Ashley showed Vickery was the real deal. (This also means Natalie's body was set up by Amma and her friends in the alley. Then, they went and casually hung out at the Calhoun statue and waited for someone to notice.)

May's mother will be waiting a long time for her daughter to come home, too. Amma killed her as well, using the chain-link fence out back.

Moreover, if fans wait until the end, there's another short scene at the very end of the credits. It's only two seconds long, but it's instructive.


It's Amma, dressed as the Woman In White. She backs into the trees and turns and walks away. Turns out, the kid who claimed he saw the town legend wasn't kidding. But while some thought this must be Adora, looking pale and fragile, it turns out it was Amma, beckoning her friend to come and play.

What does it mean for Adora? Will Amma go to jail for what she's done? Currently, there are no plans for a Sharp Objects Season 2, so I guess we'll never know.