The Seven Magic Mountains Are Meant For Your Next Dreamy Instagram Snap

by Tessa Harvey

Whether it's a vibrant street art design, or a live performance in the park you pass by on your walk to work — there's no doubt that in some way, shape, or form, art holds a special place in many of our hearts. Therefore, it's only natural that we seek it out as often as humanly possible — in road trips, museums, and throughout our international travels. There's so much art to experience across the globe, and if your wanderlust is calling, you better add some gems to your bucket list ASAP. In addition to the colorful Antelope Canyon in Arizona, you should definitely work the Seven Magic Mountains into your travel itinerary.

While you're standing next to the grand Seven Magic Mountains, it will feel like an escape from reality. I mean, what could be more captivating than gazing up at seven neon-painted rock structures (that are over 30 feel tall) in the Nevada desert? The art was created by Ugo Rondinone, an artist from Switzerland, and it's way closer to Las Vegas than you might think — only about 10 miles away.

If the vibrant pictures alone aren't enough to get you up and planning your trip to this magical wonder as we speak, hang tight. These four reasons will get you there and snapping some epic pics for the 'Gram in no time. Trust me — you and your crew really don't want to miss out on seeing this site in person.

You'll Get Some Of The Dreamiest Pictures Ever
mgmresortsintl on Twitter

You thought I was kidding about the neon rocks, didn't you? Nope, I was serious. They're an incredible sight to see — and with the bright blue desert sky serving as their backdrop, it makes for some high quality shots that'll have all of your social media followers swooning with so much #wanderlust.

Whether you're looking to capture the perfect plandid pic for the 'Gram, or are in need of a few artsy shots to frame in your apartment, this exhibit looks incredible on camera. Plus, how many of your friends can say they've been the Seven Magic Mountains? You'll stand out on your feed for sure.

It's A Prime Pit Stop To Add To Your Road Trip Itinerary
ericqhargrove on Twitter

As we all know, spring break is right around the corner, and I'm sure some of you have pretty solid road trips planned with your college besties. If your travels are taking you out West, and you're near Las Vegas, you've got to stop by the Seven Magic Mountains. This will truly be the site that sets your trip apart from the rest.

It'll take just a little bit of time out of your day, but you'll be left with some unforgettable memories and beautiful pictures. If you're really into art, maybe you'll even make an effort to turn your road trip into an art trip — there are hundreds of places you can go.

Just Think About Capturing That Sunrise And Sunset At The Perfect Moment
detourswest on Twitter

We've already established that the Seven Magic Mountains are beyond dreamy, so it's important I point out another crucial detail to you. According to their Facebook page, the installation is open from sunrise to sunset. And you thought visiting this exhibit couldn't get any better?! If you're really looking for a breathtaking experience, this is it. Get ready to set up a blanket, pull out your camera, and capture that perfect moment in real time.

These Vibrant Rock Giants Might Not Be Here Much Longer
jennna91 on Twitter

Don't break out the tissues just yet — because there's still time to plan your visit. The Seven Magic Mountains aren't going away right now. The Mountains opened to the public for the first time in May 2016, and they've been set to close at the end of 2018. But, according to one of their Facebook posts,

Due to the incredible success of Seven Magic Mountains since our May 2016 opening, artist Ugo Rondinone has expressed a strong desire to explore ways to keep the artwork on view at our current site. The Producers (Art Production Fund and Nevada Museum of Art) are currently working on an extension plan that would enable us to remain on view for several years into the future.

Fortunately, people love this exhibit so much — so if visiting before the end of the year isn't a possibility for you, you just might be in luck. These brightly-shining rocks may very well be in your future travel plans.