This Month's New Moon Will Motivate You To Stop Procrastinating As A Gift From The Cosmos

Are you falling behind on your goals? Choosing fun over work? Have you been — dare I say — lazy this summer? Look, I get it. When summer contains so many amazing opportunities to make wild memories that you can look back on forever, who wants to spend this season working? Summer's about sunbathing by the pool, dancing under the stars, and taking as many vacations as you can get away with. However, no matter how much you might deserve a break, you can't avoid the demands of adulthood forever, and eventually, your priorities will come knocking on the door. The devil of procrastination is how it's a habit that gets harder to break the longer you've been doing it. Luckily, the cosmos are here to help, and when the September 2018 new moon in Virgo cleanses your world on Sep. 9, you'll have all the power to defeat procrastination and get back on track.

According to the spiritual meaning of our lunar cycle, the new moon is the point at which you detox your system and release yourself from the past. Think of it like a perfect plot of land for you to plant a fresh seed. It's when you set a new intention and spend the rest of the month guiding your energy towards that intention. Since Virgo is known for its focused work ethic, its intricate attention to detail, and its organizational talents, this new moon will help you tackle one task at a time and steadily accomplish your goals.

Stop Letting Distractions Stand In Your Way

When you're already buried in a mountain of tasks and goals that you've been procrastinating on, it's easier to distract yourself from it all than to actually begin tackling your work. If you're like me, you might feel tempted to go out and party all weekend or marathon the new Netflix series instead, if only to distract yourself from the guilt. An even easier trap to fall into is the downward spiral of comparing yourself to others. When you're feeling ashamed of how far behind you feel, you might start furthering your self-loathing by falsely believing that everyone else totally has their sh*t together and is accomplishing so much more than you. This negative thinking only makes you feel like distracting yourself even more.

During this new moon in Virgo, it's time to cut out all the distractions and forget about what everyone else is doing. Focus on your goals, your dreams, your concerns. Allow all your attention to be on you and you only. Delve into introspection with Virgo's intense focus and take a closer look at your life. What is it lacking? What needs to be done? What does success mean to you?

Write To-Do Lists And Do Your Best To Complete Them

Utilize Virgo's organizational and methodical talents by mapping out a plan to get all your work done. Be as precise and detailed as you want. If you can, write a to-do list every single day and follow through with it. If you'd like to go the distance, begin mapping out the upcoming weeks, months, and perhaps even years. Create a plan for success that is specific to you and your dreams. Virgo loves a carefully laid-out strategy and having an idea of what lies ahead. There's no zodiac sign more suited to combatting your procrastination, so what are you waiting for?

Remember that these goals don't have to be lofty or impressive to the rest of society. These goals are for you and you only. They can be as simple as going for a run every day or making a point to meditate for 10 minutes every morning. You know yourself better than anyone, so don't let the rest of the world dictate what your idea of accomplishment should be.

Make A Point To Finish One Thing Before Starting Another

You're a multi-dimensional human being with infinite layers and countless interests, which means that there are probably a lot of things you'd like to accomplish. And, when the process reaches a boring point, it's easy to drop one project and start something else. However, when you're bouncing back and forth from one project to another, it's rare that anything actually gets finished. Luckily, Virgo is known for it's amazing concentration and attention to detail, making it a lot easier to complete projects and even have time to review for errors.

Take baby steps when going after your dreams. Virgo doesn't rush through anything and moves slowly and carefully to the finish line. Remember that when it feels like nothing is moving fast enough, it's only because you're actually being patient and disciplined enough to accomplish something correctly.