'Riverdale' Is Finally Going To Go Into The Farm In The Next New Episode


At the beginning of Riverdale Season 3, a new cult called the Farm made its way into Riverdale and immediately snapped up Alice Cooper as a devout member. Fans thought the Farm was going to be a central element to the season, but so far, the recent episodes have been much more focused on the mystery of the Gargoyle King, and the Farm has kind of been left to the sidelines. That changes in the next new episode, though. The Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13 promo features the Farm more than ever before, so it looks like we are finally going to get some answers about this mysterious cult... and possibly meet its leader Edgar Evernever at long last.

The new promo trailer promises to finally take us into the Farm, although it is not under good conditions at all. We see Alice Cooper being lowered into a pool of water surrounded by a group of women in white, in what is likely her baptism into the Farm cult. However, Betty rushes in during this ceremony and screams "She's not breathing!" Umm, that does not sound good at all! Let's hope Alice is able to survive this strange baptism, even if she is totally brainwashed these days.

The preview clips also tease some pretty intense stories for Jughead, who is going up against a Gargoyle Gang thug; Archie, who is returning to his boxing days; and Veronica, who may have finally met her match with her new rival Gladys Jones. Check out the trailer below and we can dissect it more:

Spoiler alert: The rest of this post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12, "Bizarrodale."

Another big part of this new episode appears to be Toni Topaz's newly-formed girl gang, the Pretty Poisons. A couple episodes back, Jughead kicked Toni and Cheryl out of the Southside Serpents, and in the latest episode, Toni emphasized to Cheryl just how much she missed her gang/family since losing them. To help her girlfriend out, Cheryl put together an all-female gang for Toni to lead, dubbing themselves the Pretty Poisons. And it looks like they are not going to work well with the Serpents. The new teaser shows Jughead trying to welcome Toni back to the Southside family, but Toni turns him down. We also see Cheryl training the Pretty Poisons in archery, so get ready for a fight.

And a third gang is going to cause problems as well. A quick shot in the trailer shows a Gargoyle Gang member breaking into the Jones' trailer as Jughead and Jellybean look terrified. Meanwhile, Veronica is up against Jughead's mother Gladys Jones after finding herself indebted to the newly-arrived Serpent, and it looks like Gladys will be threatening Hermione's life. But the episode title, "Requiem for a Welterweight," seems to be in reference to Archie, who is shown picking up boxing again, only outside of the underground prison fight scene this time.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a few weeks for the new episodes. Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13, "Requiem for a Welterweight," will air on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.