A Second Gargoyle King Was Unmasked On 'Riverdale,' So The Mystery Isn't Over Yet


Despite supposedly being revealed a couple weeks back, the Gargoyle King is still haunting the town of Riverdale. On Wednesday night's new episode, the creepy bone-and-branch monster made his surprise return on Riverdale, and fans got to see yet another character revealed to be under the mask. Yep — a second Gargoyle King was unmasked on Riverdale this week, and fans can expect more Gargoyle Kings to come.

Spoiler alert: This post will contain plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12, "Bizarrodale." Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale was all about the side characters who normally take a back seat to whatever drama Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica are dealing with. The episode saw Reggie taking a bullet while stealing money from his dad's business, Josie failing a Juilliard audition only to grow much closer to Archie, and Cheryl securing a spot for her girlfriend Toni at her fancy college, along with gifting her a new gang to boot. But the most shocking story of all was definitely Kevin and Moose's run in with yet another Gargoyle King.

Kevin's clandestine relationship with the still closeted Moose finally came to light in the new episode, as Cheryl's not-so-subtle public outing actually encouraged Moose to come out to his father, Major Mason. At first it seemed like everything was actually going great — Moose said his father took the news well and he was finally ready to fully embrace his relationship with Kevin — but good things never seem to last very long in Riverdale.

Although Moose's dad seemed cool with his son's sexuality, he was actually planning an incredibly messed up stunt. Major Mason had his RROTC cadets kidnap Moose and Kevin disguised in gargoyle masks, and he himself dressed up as the Gargoyle King and forced them to drink from chalices. He even lured all of the parents to Riverdale High by sending them letters as the Gargoyle King in order to ensure his plan would work. Luckily, though, Cheryl's bow and arrow was able to save the day, and F.P. unmasked the Gargoyle King, revealing Major Mason.


Major Mason said that neither of the chalices were poisoned, and that he just wanted to scare Kevin and his son. We also get his twisted backstory, which explains how he even knew about Gryphons and Gargoyles. Apparently, Major was yet another victim of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy's conversion therapy unit back in the day after his parents found out he tried to kiss a young Tom Keller. It was there that Major learned about the Gargoyle King, because the Sisters were using a statue of him as punishment for crazed inmates who played Gryphons and Gargoyles. He also said he knew about the Midnight Club, because of his knowledge of Gryphons and Gargoyles.

But this second Gargoyle King reveal definitely does not seem to be the big reveal that Riverdale fans are still waiting for. Major Mason admitted that he was only impersonating the Gargoyle King this one time just to scare Kevin and Moose, and he was not even planning to kill the boys, which is not something the real Gargoyle King would think twice about. It is still a mystery who the actual Gargoyle King is — the one who first appeared to the Midnight Club, killed Principal Featherhead, and inspired cult-like suicides from Ben Bailey, Warden Norton, and Dilton Doiley. I guess we will just have to keep watching to see when the actual Gargoyle King will reveal himself again.