Here's The Reported Reason Why Brad Pitt Went To Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Party

by Candice Jalili
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Ever since he decided to make an appearance at her birthday 50th birthday party this past Saturday (Feb. 9, 2019) fans across the globe can't help but wonder the same thing... are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Back together? Fans and media outlets have been fantasizing about some sort of reconciliation between the two absurdly good-looking thespians since they split back in 2005.

While they still definitely don't appear to be fully back together, his appearance at her birthday party did get hopes of their fans seriously high.

Finally, a source opened up to Us Weekly about why Pitt reportedly decided to show up at his ex's star-studded birthday bash (guests included pretty much every famous person you've ever heard of from George and Amal Clooney to Sandra Bullock to Kate Hudson to Barbara Streisand to Katy Perry to Jon Hamm to Pitt's other ex, Gwyneth Paltrow). Well, according to the source, the reason isn't quite as juicy and romantic as some of us may have hoped it would be. But it's still pretty freaking sweet.

After all that they've been through, the two have decided to take a note from her hit sitcom and just be friends. According to Us Weekly's sources, the exes got back in touch with each other after Pitt split with Angelina Jolie back in 2016 and Aniston split from Justin Theroux in 2017.

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And it was reportedly Pitt who waved his white flag first. After Aniston's mom, retired model Nancy Dow, passed away in May 2016, a freshly divorced Pitt reached out to Aniston. "Brad contacted Jen after her mom died, and she was touched that he knew what a difficult time it was,” an insider shares with Us Weekly.

Flash forward three years and he's partying it up along her side at her birthday bash. Despite the friendship they've developed over the past few years, the insider notes that he was visibly nervous when he first entered the party at Los Angeles' Sunset Tower Hotel. “Brad seemed very hesitant [at first] — all eyes were on him,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. Us Weekly also reports that the couple "embraced" in front of all of Aniston's friends and family when he first arrived.

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Oh, what I would have given to have witnessed that embrace! And to see Brad Freaking Pitt nervous and awkward walking into a birthday party.

But don't worry, guys. Us Weekly reports that Pitt eventually got comfortable in the star-studded bash. Besides, the only reason he was there in the first place was to be there for his ex lover turned old pal, Aniston. “Brad wanted to support and celebrate Jen by attending her birthday party,” an inside source shares with Us Weekly.

The two have come a long way since they first split in 2005. "Brad is not mean-spirited; he would never intentionally try to rub something in my face," Aniston famously told Vanity Fair in 2005 of her recent ex's fresh relationship with Jolie. "In hindsight, I can see him going, 'Oh — I can see that that was inconsiderate.' But I know Brad. Brad would say, 'That’s art!' There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing."

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Looks like he was finally able to find that sensitivity chip after all these years!