The Recurring Dream You're Most Likely To Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What do you dream about? Do you visit strange, faraway places in your sleep? Are you terrified of where dreams lead you? In love with what your subconscious mind creates? Dreams are a unique experience for everyone. In fact, they're so unique that they're often impossible to describe to someone once you're awake. It's as though the things you see in your dreams exist in a world without words. If you're having trouble finding the right words, perhaps the recurring dream you have, according to your zodiac sign, will help you find them.

I'm a firm believer that your dreams can be so symbolic of what you're feeling in your conscious life. Even a dream that's super outlandish and out-of-this-world can help you glean insight on something your intuition is trying to tell you. And if that dream is recurring, its hidden meaning is made all the more important. It's as though that dream refuses to give up until you've acknowledged its message.

While it's impossible for me to tell you exactly what happens in your dreams, your sun, moon, and rising signs can be huge indicators of your hopes and fears. When dreams are essentially manifestations of your deepest feelings, it makes sense to look to astrology in order to understand them.


With your competitive nature, it's not uncommon for you to dream of winning big or losing terribly. You probably also dream of driving super fast and recklessly, or possibly being chased by an assailant, due to your adrenaline-loving tendencies.


You love having things in control, which is why your strangest dreams may involve falling from great heights or watching your hair fall out. However, with how concerned about wealth and security you are, money is probably also a strong symbol in your dreams.


You need to be free to move and feel on your own terms, so being trapped or running from the past are probably major themes in your dreams. You love meeting new people too, and your subconscious mind probably invents people you've never met in your dreams.


Family and love are beyond important to you, so you've probably had plenty of dreams about being pregnant, having kids, or being with animals. Being unsafe in your home is a great fear of yours, so nightmares may involve burglars or intruders.


You've got fame and adoration on your mind, which is why you're most likely to dream of hanging out with a celebrity. You're just as likely to dream of being humiliated in front of people who's opinion you care about, or being adored on a grand scale.


You're a stickler for details, which is why your dreams probably invoke incredibly vivid and specific settings. With your concern for being responsible, you probably dream of being late. You might also dream of waking up and going through your normal, everyday routine.


You look at life through your partnerships, which is why you're so likely to dream of falling madly in love, or being heartbroken just the same. Beauty is also of much importance to you, which is why you might also dream of a bad haircut or a negative shift in your appearance.


When you're in a relationship, your fears may cause you to dream of cheating on your partner or being cheated on in turn. With how intense and sensual you are, sex is also a common theme in your dreams, as is the concept of death.


Going on adventures and experiencing new things is always on your mind, and your dreams are no different. It's not uncommon for you to dream of flying or of visiting a foreign country. You're also likely to dream of being stuck or getting terribly lost.


You are career and reputation-oriented, which is why your dreams involve the realization or loss of that. You might dream of your teeth falling out or showing up somewhere naked. However, you'll also dream of coming into so much wealth and power.


Your community is always important to you, which is why you often dream of your friends and making the world a better place. You might also dream of failing others or being ignored by others. Technology is also probably a strong feature in your dreams.


You're whimsical and mystical, which is why you're likely to dream of strange, fantastical creatures. Your paranormal connections help you dream of dead loved ones. However, with how emotional you can be, you likely also dream of drowning.