Miley Can't FaceTime Her Dad While Social Distancing For The Funniest Reason

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Miley Cyrus has clearly learned a lot from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, over the years. Not only did Miley follow in Billy Ray's footsteps when it came to show business, but her father has been by her side through all the ups and downs of Miley's career. Well, it's 2020, and the time has come for Miley to share some technological knowledge with Billy Ray. The reason Miley Cyrus can't FaceTime Billy Ray will make you laugh out loud.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has led most of the world to self-quarantine at home, Billy Ray decided he'd finally cave and attempt to trade his Blackberry devices for an iPhone. The sweet reason behind his decision is so that he's able to see his family while practicing social distancing. However, all hasn't gone as planned.

Miley has been bringing smiles to fan's faces during this confusing time by hosting her Bright Minded: Live with Miley Cyrus Instagram show. On Wednesday, March 18, Love Is Blind’s Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton joined Miley for a truly relatable conversation.

When talk turned to Billy Ray, Miley hilariously explained that her dad "got two Blackberries because he says it equals one iPhone." Miley went on to share that her family gave him an iPhone so that he could virtually visit with them while he's "stuck in Nashville" and she and her family are self-quarantined in California. What Miley said next will have fans cracking up:

It’s really sad because he has to go to my grandma’s house to FaceTime, because my grandma knows how to FaceTime and he doesn’t.

Watch the full conversation about Billy Ray at the 43:20 mark in the video below.

Just because grandma has FaceTime down, doesn't mean she's a pro at using the iPhone. "My grandma doesn't know how to take screenshots," Miley shared. "So she takes photos [with her other phone] of the [iPhone] screen."

With weeks of self-quarantine still ahead, it'll give Miley plenty of time to teach her grandma and dad all about the iPhone.

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