This 'The Punisher' Theory About Billy & Dinah Will Blow Your Mind

by Ani Bundel

Whatever you feel about the plot of Marvel's The Punisher, it gave us the biggest twist ending to any Marvel property so far. This was not the story of Frank Castle, either of how he became the Punisher, or how he regained his Punishership. At the end of the series, Castle is still as dead as he was at the beginning. Instead this was the origin story of one of Marvel's biggest villains: Jigsaw. This might explain why this The Punisher Billy Russo theory is getting so much attention. Because the show was his story, and we're wondering what will happen to him next.

In both the TV shows and the movies, the MCU has always played their story relatively straight. Even shows like Agents of SHIELD who had the "fall of SHIELD" toward the end of the first season ended their run forming a smaller, tighter more secretive SHIELD. The Punisher is the first series to turn the expected plot on it's head and focus the series conclusion on the bad guy, who could possibly become the Big Bad across Season 2 of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and Season 3 of Daredevil. It's not about Castle, who has gone back into hiding, his Punisher suit hung up as it was when the series began, and once again going by "Pete Castiglione."

But as Jigsaw builds his empire, how will The Punisher continue to keep the focus on the Big Bad as much as his vigilante nemesis? One theory suggests that, like Castle and Micro, Russo's story will also focus on family.


Family? What family? The old lady he's got trusted up in a nursing home, who turns terrified every time her son shows up? Perhaps. But it could also be the family he doesn't know is on it's way.

The Punisher is not just notably for the sheer amount of violence on screen, or the twist ending, but also the amount of graphic sex included as well. Russo and Dinah Madani go at it like rabbits practically every time we see them in a room together. And while I would like to think that Madani is using protection, as well as birth control pills, in order to keep anything from derailing her career, others are not so convinced the series wants that for her.

According to one Reddit theorist, The Punisher Season 2 could include a pregnancy storyline:

I think Dinah Madani will be pregnant next season and that will be the center point of it. I think this because in the comics Billy Russo aka Jigsaw has a son name Henry Russo.
This is essentially how I think Season Two will go Billy will establish himself as Jigsaw build a name for himself mean while Frank will have to go to Madani for help and will discover she's pregnant. Frank will then probably start bonding with Madani and when Jigsaw finds out the guy who messed his face up is playing house with the mother of his kid it will really set him off.

Not a bad idea, and Castle "playing house" with other people's families was certainly also a plot point in Season 1, with Micro having to suffer watching it all on his little screens in a bunker.

In the comic series, Henry Russo grows up traumatized after being raised by Billy. (He also becomes a hacker as a teenager and winds up being Castle's Micro replacement when that falling out becomes permanent.) If we're really starting the Henry story line far earlier that fans see in the comics, let's hope that the very least Madani can do after getting pregnant is to keep custody of her son. Now that's a court fight I'd like to see Matt Murdock step in and argue for, wouldn't you?