The 'Pose' Soundtrack Is the Perfect Playlist When You're In The Mood To Feel Fabulous

by Ani Bundel

Ryan Murphy first put himself on the TV map with Glee, a network musical series. Since Glee was canceled, Murphy has been focused more on anthology series like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Feud. But with Pose, Murphy returns to the type of show that made him famous. Pose is billed as "a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York." Befitting such a claim the Pose soundtrack for the premiere episode is an aural delight, with enough tracks to fill a double vinyl album. Warning: Spoilers for Pose's Season 1 premiere follow.

Unlike Glee, which featured singers, Pose is all about different segments of society who dance, plus a character who refers to music as "his hobby." That means at every turn, temporary dance and pop music of the era is blasting from radios on street corners or playing in the background, or booming at high decibels from the club speakers as the ballroom dancers parade for the judges.

For those who are fans of disco from 1974 onward through the present day of 1987, this show is a feast for the ears, For those who are just getting into the musical era, the music is an education.

Let's run down all 18 tracks that can be found in the premiere episode.

"Heartbeat (Club Version)" by Taana Gardner
I'll House You on YouTube

Released in 1981, this disco track is the opening song of the series and establishes the tone of the show.

"In My House" by Mary Jane Girls
RockAndDiscoMusic on YouTube

Released in 1985, this MTV staple was produced by Rick James. It is the track that plays during the museum heist sequence.

"Harmony" by Suzi Lane
DiscoDuckey on YouTube

A 1979 disco hit, this song is the one playing under the Royalty category in the first ball sequence.

"On The Radio" by Donna Summer
Luigi PeC on YouTube

This track is from 1980 and is the song Damon runs home to after ballet class before jamming out in his room.

"Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan & Rufus
fritz51331 on YouTube

A track from 1983, this is the song playing when Elektra and Blanca have their showdown and Elektra refuses to give her blessing to Blanca starting her own house.

"Rumors" by Timex Social Club
CoCoRiTaS on YouTube

This 1986 jam is what's playing in the background in Central Park when Damon nearly gets robbed the first time.

"White Horse" by Laid Back
WarnerMusicDenmark on YouTube

An early electronic track from 1983, this is the song Damon is dancing to in the park when Blanca spots him.

"Meeting In The Ladies Room" by Klymaxx
KlymaxxVEVO on YouTube

This 1984 funk track is the song playing when Damon walks into the ballroom for the first time.

"Love's Theme" by The Love Unlimited Orchestra
DJDiscoCatV2 on YouTube

This is old school disco from 1974, and the track for the category of Executive Realness.

"Paid In Full" by Eric B. & Rakim
EricBAndRakimVEVO on YouTube

This 1987 hip-hop jam is playing on the radio in between swapping to news when Stan pulls up to Angel's street corner.

"I'm Not In Love" by 10cc
Soul blues on YouTube

The painfully cheesy 70s track that plays in Stan and Angel's hotel room sounds that way because it is. It was originally released in 1975.

"Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush
KateBushMusic on YouTube

This song? It's gonna be our song from now on. It was also the hit that put Kate Bush on the map in 1985 from her debut album Hounds of Love.

"My Melody" by Eric B. & Rakim
jonjon2568 on YouTube

The other Eric B. & Rakim track from 1987 comes when Damon gets robbed of his backpack for real and has to go find Blanca and beg her for a place to stay.

"Wot" by Captain Sensible
LimuleZ on YouTube

The category is "High Fashion Evening Wear" and the track is a British New Wave song from 1982.

"Saturday Love" by Cherrelle Feat. Alexander O'Neal
ykywi5751 on YouTube

This 1985 R&B track is what's playing in the background at Pray Tell's place during Damon's fitting.

"Don't Make Me Wait" by New York Citi Peech Boys
Carbon Manchester on YouTube

This Nu-Disco track from 1983 is the track blasting on the pier at night when Blanca takes Damon to hang out with Pray Tell and experience street dancing.

"Swept Away" by Diana Ross
ClassicDianaRoss on YouTube

This 1984 title track from Ross' solo album that year is what plays when the Houses of Abundance and Elektra throw down for the first time.

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston
whitneyhoustonVEVO on YouTube

And finally, Whitney Houston's first single from her 1987 Whitney album. Does Damon's dancing do it justice? Seems like Ms. St. Rogers thought so.