Chicken & Waffles-Flavored Popcorn Is Here To Be Your New Fave Snack

Courtesy of The Popcorn Factory

Whenever I go to brunch, I usually opt for a big ol' plate of chicken and waffles. In my opinion, the dish offers the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors — and I find myself craving it on the reg. If you do, too, then you'll be happy to find out about The Popcorn Factory's Chicken & Waffles flavor. That's right: The popcorn company that you know and love recently released a flavor that tastes like your fave breakfast, and it's currently available online. With that being said, make room in your snack cabinet and get hungry.

The Popcorn Factory released its Chicken & Waffles flavor on Friday, Aug. 16, and you'll want to add it to your brunch menu for the weekend. (Hey, who says you can't add a handful of popcorn to your breakfast?) According to the company, the new selection features "syrupy" and "buttery" favors of a waffle along with the "herbs and spices" that you'd taste while eating fried chicken. Just like the OG brunch dish, it seems like this popcorn flavor is perfectly sweet and savory. Pass me a mimosa and I'll be happy.

TBH, I could picture myself snacking on this popcorn all day long — breakfast or not. I mean, could you imagine how good it'd taste during a movie night?

Courtesy of The Popcorn Factory

If you're getting hungry thinking about the Chicken & Waffles flavor, you might be wondering where you can buy it. Thankfully, the new selection is easy to get. If you want to add the sweet-and-savory popcorn to your kitchen, head to The Popcorn Factory's website. There, you'll be able to order a 10-inch container for $14.99. If you'd rather stock up (or share the popcorn with friends), you can buy more than one canister. I mean, the more popcorn, the better — especially when it tastes like chicken and waffles.

Courtesy of The Popcorn Factory

So, why did The Popcorn Factory release chicken and waffle-flavored popcorn, anyway? The company didn't provide a specific reason along with the flavor's release, but it's obvious that chicken and waffles are all the rage right now.

Back in July 2019, IHOP added Buttermilk Crispy Chicken to its menu, making Crispy Chicken & Pancakes an instant hit. Sure, there are no waffles included in the dish — but the pancakes provide those sweet and syrupy flavors that you crave. If you want to try IHOP's Crispy Chicken & Pancakes, head to your local participating restaurant and order 'em while they're still on the menu (because, yes, they're only available for a limited time).

While you're planning your IHOP trips, you can always use Chicken & Waffles Popcorn as a sweet-and-savory appetizer. If you aren't sure about the flavor, though, don't fret. The Popcorn Factory's online store is currently selling tons of other unique flavors like Cookies & Crème, Bacon Cheddar, Ranch, Cheezy Jalapeño, and more. If you're curious about more than one selection, go ahead and order 'em all. There's no rush on trying the Chicken & Waffles selection, either, because it's a permanent addition to the company's popcorn menu.