This $20 Toy Simulates Pimple Popping, So You Can Save Your Face (But Still Lose Your Dignity)

Pop It Pal

As a self-proclaimed popaholic, I am not ashamed to admit that I love watching pimple popping and blackhead extraction videos. Call me gross, but I find it immensely therapeutic and satisfying. To all of my fellow weirdos, we’ve been blessed with a new “toy” called the Pop It Pal, which will let you join the ranks of Dr. Pimple Popper, AKA Dr. Sandra Lee, and burst zits on the daily — without wrecking your face.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how or when I first stumbled upon pimple popping videos but I can tell you that it’s been years since I watched my first one. My old roommate-slash-best friend also had a love for such cinematic masterpieces, so we would share them back and forth and support one another’s sick habit.

That’s how I was introduced to Dr. Pimple Popper’s Instagram account, which features videos of Dr. Lee, who is a board certified dermatologist that specializes in general and cosmetic dermatology, tackling everything from blackheads and whiteheads to giant cysts. According to her website, she “has made it her mission to promote the practice of dermatology and to educate and advise the masses on proper skin care and dermatological procedures.” Seeing as Dr. Lee has 2.6 million followers on Instagram and 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube, there's certainly a market for all things pimple popping. And it's just been taken to a new level.

Today, an entire Twitter moment was dedicated to a new toy called Pop It Pal, which simulates popping zits. Made of silicone, it's essentially a rectangular block that you can fill up with fake "Pimple Puss," which can then be squeezed through small holes on one of its sides. Along with the skin block (gross) and synthetic puss (double gross), the kit also comes with a filling tool. The entire set will cost you $20.

According to it's website, Pop It Pal was created by husband and wife team Billy and Summer Pierce, who wanted to make a "pimple that felt real" and would have a huge pop "just like those videos we watch." After a year spent figuring out how to create just that, they came up with the Pop It Pal. "Our three kids love it, our parents love it, and apparently, now, people around the world are raving about it," they say.

I am all about the popping videos but this toy might be a little too gross, even for me. Maybe it's the fake puss, or maybe I'm subconsciously just afraid of forming a toy addiction, but something about it makes me squirm. Twitter, however, seems to agree with the Pierces in regard to its awesomeness — many users absolutely love it:

I will say that if you have the nasty habit of picking at your own face (I am SO guilty of this!), this toy might be worth purchasing. Maybe if you have something else to pop and prod at each night and morning it'll help take the appeal or temptation away from your own face. Popping your own pimples can cause your acne to get irritated and inflamed and can cause new pimples to break out. What's more, the chances of a pimple scarring your skin skyrocket if it's popped.

If Pop It Pal is too gross for you, too, then might I recommend Dr. Pimple Popper's new TLC show to get your nightly fix? Aptly titled This is Zit, the show premiered on Jan. 3 on TLC, and a full episode is available to stream on TLC's website now. That, or a scroll through Instagram, will hopefully be enough to satisfy your popping fix.