Jimin Dyed His Hair *Again* For BTS' Concert Last Night, Since 1 Color A Week Isn't Enough

by Hollee Actman Becker
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jimin is no stranger to hair dye. The BTS sensation has changed the color of his locks more times than Kylie Jenner has changed hers. His hair's been black, brown, orange, silver, pink, blue, blonde, and lavender. And Jimin legit rocked the hell out of each hue. How one person can look so good in so many different hair shades, I'll never know. I mean, my hair's literally been the same color for the last 15 years. Anyway, after showing off a head full of cotton candy pink hair during BTS' Love Yourself tour stop in Hong Kong on March 20, the quick-change artist rolled up the next day rocking a new violet shade. And fans on Twitter are totally losing it over the amazing photos of BTS' Jimin's purple hair in Hong Kong.

BTS' night two in Hong Kong is the 19th stop on their Love Yourself world tour, and March 21 marked the second of their four concerts there. So if Jimin's hair was pink on night one and purple on night two, does this mean ARMY can expect to see two new colors on nights three and four? Damn, I sure hope so.

Anyway, here's what Jimin's hair looked like when it was pink on March 20 (top right):

And here he is on March 21 rocking a gorgeous shade of purple:

I am really loving this look on him, you guys! But I need to know Jimin's secrets. How did he change his hair color so fast? Did he use some kind of temporary dye that washes out? Spray-on color? A wig?

Jimin, I'm really gonna need some answers!

Twitter, meanwhile, was blowing up over the unveiling of the new vibrant look, and fans started tweeting out all the emotions, because ARMYs were not prepared for the big reveal.

Just take a look at the tweets:

He really is a mystical fairy prince, isn't he?

So, what color are ARMYs rooting for Jimin to debut during the boys' next show? I mean, honestly, he's running out of new colors to try.

I can totally see him rocking that light, powdery sky blue shade he rocked late last year. And if he's in the mood for something new, then maybe a bright greenish-yellow for night four?

You know what else would be cool? If he was rocking a different hair color on each of the four versions Of BTS' Map Of The Soul: Persona album that's dropping on April 12.

The reason there are four versions is that each one will have a different photo set and mini book included — which means you're probably gonna wanna cop them all.

Pre-orders already started on BigHit's official website, where it was revealed that each version of Map Of The Soul: Persona will also include the following:

  • 1 CD in an oversized package with a photo book
  • Mini book
  • Photo card
  • Photo film
  • Postcard
  • Poster

Can we add "1 New Hair Color For Jimin" to that list?