The Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial Is Seriously Star-Studded & You Need To See It

by Ani Bundel

There are very few truly famous Super Bowl commercials. Most of the time it's the brands that advertised that are remembered, which is as it should be. But once in a very long while, an iconic moment happens that lives forever. Such was the case in 1992, when supermodel Cindy Crawford, in the prime of her fame, drove up to a dusty gas station, bought a Pepsi out of the machine, and chugged it down. That was 26 years ago. Now, the Pepsi 2018 Super Bowl commercial is has recreated this iconic moment as part of Sunday's bonanza of ads.

Pepsi has gone all out over the years with a variety of starlets in the role of Pepsi salesmen. Britney Spears famously headlined in 2002, for instance. They also spent huge money on Michael Jackson in 1984, though that wasn't for the Super Bowl. But they've never quite come close to the pure simplicity of the Crawford spot. That's why, given the choice, they do what they can to call back to it, and now they straight up recreated it, but with a few additions. For one, Jimmy Fallon is the narrator of the spot. Crawford and her son Presley Gerber, who just turned 18 (and can legally work in TV without child star age restrictions) are also featured. We get a glimpse of that iconic Britney Spears ad from 2002. Jeff Gordon makes a surprise appearance, as does Pepsi's Uncle Drew (who is really Kyrie Irving undercover). Another huge addition is... Michael Jackson.

Check out the teaser trailer Pepsi dropped for the ad:

It's only six seconds long, but all the hallmarks are there. The gas station, the dust, the hair flip, the sunglasses and of course, the Pepsi, now in the 2018 new blue can with modernized logo.

The ad itself dropped on Thursday, Feb. 1, ahead of the Big Game. It highlights iconic Pepsi moments, both in the public eye and in any Pepsi-drinker's life. The ad starts by saying, "This is the Pepsi that your father drank, that his father drank before he met your grandmother."

We also get a glimpse of some Pepsi cans on the moon and on Mars, though those aren't exactly recalling actual memories. Maybe in the future?

Then, we see the recreation of Crawford's 1992 spot. The narrator says, "This is the pepsi for this model… and his mom. Hi Cindy. Show ‘em how it’s done." That model, like we've mentioned, is Crawford's son, Presley Gerber. Take a look at the spot.

The commercial continues, "This is the Pepsi that was right for Ray. And your Uncle Drew, who is still breaking ankles. This is the Pepsi that’s back from the future, and back for one last ride. This is the Pepsi that Britney once popped. This one is for the King of Pop. This is the pepsi for those who are forever fun. This is the Pepsi for every generation."

All of those celebrity cameos, all in a minute's time. That's gotta be a feat all on it's own. But, it is the Super Bowl after all.

Crawford recently opened up to The Associated Press on what it was like recreating the spot. She said, "Just as a mother, we drove to work together that day, and we shared the same trailer. And when he was doing his thing, I was just a proud mom watching from the sidelines, trying not to annoy him." How cute is this duo?

The Pepsi commercial is one of many that fans are looking forward to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday. Check them all out during the game, which airs at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 4 on NBC.