Forget Skinny Or Baggy Jeans — Patchwork Jeans Are Coming For You

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You'd be hard-pressed to name a garment more timeless, universal, and transformable than jeans. Over the years, the classic item has evolved from standard straight legs to embroidered jeans, bell bottoms, skinny, and more. Now, in 2021, patchwork jeans are the denim trend to try out...again.

Patchwork jeans first soared in popularity in the '70s. Back then, the look mostly involved hand-stitched, DIY patches. Luckily, the sewing inept among us need not fret. Instead, a different type of patching is really booming this year. A departure from the DIY vintage look, brands are purposefully collaging together a bunch of different denim washes and textures for a totally new take.

A multitude of patchwork styles exist within this trend, meaning you can find your preferred patching on pretty much any cut of jeans. Instead of hunting through the internet to find your ideal pair, scroll below to see all the patchwork jeans you'll want in your wardrobe this spring.

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The many different denim washes patched together is the exact style that's all the rage right now. A mix of blues piled atop each other with no apparent pattern is a super funky, modern approach to the patchwork trend.

Fashion Nova's Bell Bottom Jeans ($50, Fashion Nova) are a perfect mix of vintage and modern. The bell bottom cut will make you feel ready for Woodstock, while the hint of light wash on the calves and ankles adds even more flare.

A few well-placed, graphic patches are also a fun option. You can find your own iron-on decals to personalize your jeans, or find a pair that are already decked out with images you relate to.

If you're going to rock some patchwork, why stay in one-color world? You can layer pinks, reds, greens, and browns to get a multi-colored denim dream. It's a fun yet easy way to bring a bunch of different colors into your wardrobe without having to work very hard.

A simpler option when it comes to patched jeans is a two-toned set, or when one leg is a different color than the other. These two options stitch light and dark washes in a half-and-half pattern, so you no longer have to pick just one wash. Also, they're both straight-legged, for those who like the looser fit.

The fringe-y, sewn-together look of these jeans really brings the DIY patchwork feel to life. You can imagine these pants were painstakingly put together in your own home without risking any needle pricks.

Know Fashion Style's Patchwork Jeans ($22, Know Fashion Style) have sparkles, fringe, and cutouts — what else could you ask for? They're the perfect pants for the maximalist in you, easily going from a park day to a night out.

Generally, when I think of patchwork jeans, my mind goes to the bandana style that ShaniahRenaeStore on Etsy has clearly mastered. The patches are a mixture of different colors and patterns that add a bright and funky dynamic to the Bandana Patchwork Jeans ($70, Etsy). These pants even come with a matching mask to complete your look.

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