The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 7 Trailer Is Emotional & Intense


After six years, Netflix's longest-running original series is about to come to an end, and the first look at the final season of Orange Is the New Black is an emotional journey that shows just how far each of the character's have come. We are now one month away from the prison drama's seventh and final season premiering on Netflix, and the network just released the full trailer for the farewell season. The Orange Is the New Black Season 7 trailer gives fans a taste of what the emotional and unexpected final season has in store.

The new trailer mixes together glimpses of new storylines from the final season with a heartfelt montage of moments throughout Orange Is the New Black's seven-season run. The trailer shows all of the inmates banding together to stick out the rest of their sentences, but the primary focus of the trailer (and it looks like the new season) is Piper and Taystee. The two characters had polar opposite endings last season, with Piper getting an early release while Taystee is given a life sentence for a murder she did not commit. The new trailer shows that Piper is having trouble adjusting to life outside of prison — she has a boring office job, takes pee tests, and is judged by her friends. But Taystee is definitely going through much worse, as we see her lament her never-ending prison time. Check out the full trailer below:

Other standout moments from the trailer include Suzanne discovering the magic chicken that has been mentioned in previous seasons of Orange Is the New Black, Blanca looking distressed on the phone, and Piper speaking to the still-imprisoned Alex through a visitation booth. The magical chicken that we see Suzanne stumble upon is the center of a Litchfield urban legend that was first mentioned in Season 1 and then came up again in Season 3. Suzanne finally seeing the chicken for herself is a nice moment of finality for her and everyone else who tried to find the elusive bird.

Blanca's storyline in this final season seems much less whimsical than a magic chicken. Season 6 ended with Blanca believing that she was being set free, only to be relocated to an immigration detainment center instead. Although she is only in the trailer for a second, fans should expect Blanca's story to be a large and highly emotional part of the new season, considering how topical immigration detainment centers are right now.

And finally, the other major effect that Piper's newfound freedom has on her is her relationship with Alex. Piper and Alex committed themselves to one another in a prison wedding before her release at the end of last season, but no longer being locked up together will obviously put a strain on the relationship. Not to mention that Alex was beginning to get involved in some shady prison businesses as Piper was being released. One of the biggest questions about this final season is where it will leave Piper and Alex's relationship in the end.

Orange Is the New Black Season 7 will drop on Netflix on July 26.