People Just Realized 'The Nun' & The Baroness From 'Princess Diaries' Are The Same Person

Disney, Warner Bros.

On the surface, it does not seem like the new horror movie The Nun and the beloved 2001 teen rom-com The Princess Diaries have a lot in common, but fans are now realizing that the demon nun was actually haunting a Genovian state dinner back in the day. Yep — people are realizing The Nun and the Baroness from Princess Diaries are the same person and it is blowing everyone's minds. And also... I can't even decide which character is more evil.

Since the release of The Nun, some fans have started doing some digging on the actress Bonnie Aarons. In the new horror movie, Aarons completely transformed herself into a horrifying, satanic nun. With all that horror makeup on, it is no wonder that practically nobody could recognize Aarons as one of the standout characters in The Princess Diaries and its sequel. Before she was stalking the halls of a medieval monastery, Aarons played Baroness Joy von Troken in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. In case you forgot, the Baroness and her husband were Mia Thermopolis' rivals for the Genovian crown, and were constantly hoping that they would see the teen princess embarrass herself in front of nobility so that they could climb the ranks.

Of course, Bonnie Aarons looks completely different in The Nun than she did glammed up in The Princess Diaries, so it is no wonder why everyone is so shocked to learn that she played both roles.

And going from a glamorous noblewoman to a shriek-inducing demon nun is really just all in a day's work for Bonnie Aarons. Throughout her career, Aarons has proven her ability to transform into unsettling monsters in numerous horror movies, including Drag Me to Hell, I Know Who Killed Me, and Mulholland Drive. The latter was her first big break, although it was another role where viewers probably would not recognize her at all. Aarons covered herself in a thick layer of dirt and grime to play a character known only as The Bum in the iconic David Lynch movie. Nowadays, Aarons is keeping it to only one horrifying monster — she has portrayed the demon nun Valak in the past three movies in the Conjuring cinematic universe: The Conjuring 2, Annabelle: Creation, and of course The Nun.

But although Bonnie Aarons left her high-glam villain Baroness Joy von Troken behind after the second Princess Diaries movie, she is completely ready to go back to Genovia if a third movie ever gets made. There have been rumors about a possible Princess Diaries 3 for several years now, and Aarons recently told TooFab that she would definitely be down for reprising her villainous role if that new sequel ever gets made.

As we learned last year, the script for this third Princess Diaries movie apparently does exist, but we have not gotten any updates on it since then. Hopefully we really do get to take another trip back to Genovia, and Bonnie Aarons can haunt us without all that nun makeup on again.