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The Scorpio New Moon Is A Powerful Opportunity For Transformation, So Take It

Has the weight of all the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying felt too heavy? Has it been difficult to stop thinking of things from your past? Chances are, you’re ready to move on and the universe wants to guide you the direction toward freedom. The November 2020 new moon will be a beautiful opportunity to let go of what has been taking up space in your heart, forgive yourself for your past transgressions, and look to the future. So take advantage of this new moon, because this will be the last major lunation before eclipse season begins and the destiny takes shape in your reality.

Releasing what no longer serves you is not the only thing you’re encouraged to do on a new moon. Did you know that if you make a point of beginning a project or starting something new on the new moon, it will have an added boost toward completion? In fact, if you notice that a chapter is beginning right around the new moon, you’ll most certainly see that story coming to a conclusion by the time the corresponding full moon takes place roughly six months later (which will be April 26, 2021).

This particular new moon rises in transformative, merging, emotional, and ambitious Scorpio. Let’s not forget that Scorpio is ruled by Mars — planet of drive and ambition — and during this new moon, Mars will be in its home sign of competitive Aries. It truly doesn’t get more energized than that, and if you feel like you’re way too far behind to get ahead, Scorpio’s energy will be so helpful to you. Scorpio is connected to your shadow self, where resilience builds through hard experiences. Scorpio has the capacity to hit rock bottom and then bounce back with a vengeance, shocking everyone who doesn’t understand Scorpio’s true power. For everyone else, it’s not surprising at all, because Scorpio is a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The New Moon In Scorpio Takes Place On Nov. 15 At 12:07 a.m. EST


If you’ve been dreaming about doing a new moon ritual or making use of the energy this lunar phase contains, take advantage of this opportunity. Not only is it the last new moon before eclipse season (and during an eclipse season, you’re supposed to allow the universe to do its work on you naturally, without the added push of a ritual), but this new moon is potent with positivity.

Forming a gentle sextile with dramatic Pluto, growth-oriented Jupiter, and karmic Saturn, this new moon is gracefully encouraging you to step up to the plate and recognize what it takes in order to make your dreams a reality. It may seem overwhelming, as these planets are heavy-hitters, but having confidence in yourself will get you so far. Remember — these planets are here to help you, not the other way around.

However, this new moon might bring up some uncomfortable themes surrounding your relationships. During this new moon, Venus — planet of love — will form a tense square with the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn, putting your relationships through the wringer. Any tensions simmering beneath the surface of your love life will rise, forcing you to look the problems in the eye. Strong relationships will only be strengthened by having conversations about what’s really going on. However, weaker relationships may be knocked off their pedestal. Either way, it’s meant to be, as Venus is also forming a trine with the North Node (which brings fate into the equation).

Even if this new moon brings up difficult emotions (after all, this new moon is in dark Scorpio), there is so much universal love helping you leave behind your ego and trust in the future. This new moon forms a trine with nebulous and empathetic Neptune, dissolving harsh boundaries and evoking spiritual rejuvenation in its place. Let the love in.