This New 'GOT' Clip Reveals Arya Seeing A Dragon For The Very First Time

by Ani Bundel

At this point, it is common knowledge among the fandom the Game of Thrones showrunners did not want to do a trailer at all for Season 8. After several years of bad luck where spoilers from the coming seasons would end up on Reddit (or worse, Pirate Bay), the team had kept everything about the final season a secret, and they wanted it to stay that way. HBO insists it isn't capitulating to the production's wishes, but the lack of trailer so far speaks volumes. Instead, the newest Game Of Thrones footage comes via yet another "What's Coming In 2019" clip job, the third one HBO has put out since the beginning of September.

HBO usually does one clip trailer hyping the forthcoming offerings, in December, as a "Look Ahead" to the new year. With no standalone Game of Thrones trailer out yet, the marketing team knows anything with even two seconds of footage will be watched. So the network is taking advantage of the situation, and using the hype around Game of Thrones' final episodes as a launchpad to promote everything else they have on the network to come, even if it has no marketing crossover with dragon based political fantasy.

Check out the new "HBO 2019" trailer here. Bookended between GoT images are bits from Euphoria, Deadwood, Gentleman Jack, Catherine The Great, His Dark Materials, and of course, a grand dragon entrance to Winterfell.

So far, most fans have focused on the upcoming potential clash between Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell and Daenerys, one of two self-proclaimed Queen of the Andals. Much thought has gone into how Jon and Bran will do upon meeting since Bran will be hell bent to tell Jon his real name and parentage.

Arya, on the other hand, has been rather overlooked. Unlike Sansa and Jon, where a familial bond had to be ginned up in a hurry to feel like the two of them seeing each other for the first time in years was a homecoming, Arya was Jon's favorite before he left for the Wall. The two of them have a genuine fondness for each other that will make this reunion one for the ages.

Also, Arya loves dragons. Like Tyrion, they're a mythical creature that captures her imagination. Sansa is going to look at those beasts and worry about where to house them, how to feed them, and whose children may be their second breakfast. Bran is going to look at these creatures and shrug that he's seen more impressive ones back during Aegon's Conquest. Arya is going to look at Jon and Daenerys riding in on a dragon and sigh: "Wicked cool, man."


As for the final clip, it's mostly just shots of the faceoff to come. In quick succession, viewers see the Night King, Daenerys, dragons, Jon, and Tormund. (Hey look, he's alive!)

The Wall has come tumbling down. Game of Thrones arrives, with or without a full-length trailer, on Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.