The New 'Younger' Season 6 Trailer Will Give You All The Romantic Feels

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Younger is known for leaving fans wanting more, but luckily a new sneak peek of Season 6 is here to tide fans over until the season premieres. The new Younger Season 6 trailer has been released and it offers a whole lot of hints about the upcoming season, while also leaving fans with a few cliffhangers. Even with in its sixth season, Younger feels as fresh and young as ever.

The Younger Season 6 trailer does the usually TV trailer thing by showing fans clips of episodes in the upcoming season, but it also gives it a special added twist. The episode clips are intercut with footage from the show's table read alongside interviews with the cast and creator Darren Starr. All of it put together gives fans the sense that this season is building toward something really special. In the video, Sutton Foster, who stars as Liza on Younger, says:

The world of Younger is more exciting than ever. In Season 6 the stakes are so high. So many of our characters have finally gotten what they wished for, but is it exactly what they thought? Is it exactly what they wanted?

You can check out the trailer yourself below:

Season 5 left fans questioning whether or not Charles (Peter Hermann) made the right decision to give up his place as publisher at his company. He did it in order to avoid the conflict of interest it would cause in his relationship with Liza, but the despondent looks each of them had on their faces in the Season 5 finale made it seem like things might not be headed in the most idyllic direction for them. In the trailer, Starr says:

There’s a lot of drama this season, probably more than any other season. Charles and Liza’s relationship gets a lot more real. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, so this relationship has a new set of issues as it grows in this season.

When Charles stepped down, that left Kelsey (Hilary Duff) in charge of the whole company. The trailer shows her freaking out about her new responsibilities, and the possibility that it might all get taken away from her.

While Kelsey's taking on her big promotion and Liza and Charles are navigating their relationship, Josh (Nico Tortorella) is figuring out a possible big shift in his own life... into fatherhood. At the end of Season 5, his ex-wife showed up at his doorstep very pregnant. Fans have spent the last year wondering how Josh would deal with that life-changing news, and the trailer provided an answer. Season 6 will have Josh getting a paternity test. But what are the results of that test? Well, that's just one more cliffhanger that the trailer leaves for fans.

It's not all super-dramatic on Season 6 of Younger. The trailer promises that this season fans will be getting a long-awaited musical episode. Foster, Duff, and Miriam Shor (who plays Diana) all have experience singing. An episode that features the three of them belting out tunes is sure to truly be music to fans' ears.

Season 6 of Younger premieres on Wednesday, June 12 at 10 P.M. ET on TV Land.