How To Use The Energy From The New Moon On St. Patrick's Day To Get Lucky

With St. Patrick's Day charmingly approaching us on Saturday, March 17, I'm sure you're hoping this will be a weekend you'll never forget. Whether you're longing for a kiss from your crush, a bigger paycheck in the mail than you were expecting, or even just the chance to make some new friendships, we've all got our eyes on a much brighter horizon. But don't let this leprechaun-filled holiday be your only guarantee — on that very same day, we'll also be gifted with a new moon in Pisces. If you're on the more spiritually proactive side, you can use the energy from the new moon on St. Patrick's Day to get lucky.

New moons always grant you with a new beginning, refreshing your soul from the inside out, allowing you time to come to terms with where you're at in life and make plans for the future. It's the perfect time to cast a spell that helps you start over, embark on another journey, or ease your heart into a new passion. When a new moon is in a potent water sign such as Pisces, your connection with your highest self is strengthened. You'll feel poised enough to understand where you've come from, accept who you are in the present moment, and eagerly go after your goals.

If you'd like to ask the universe for some help as you move into the next chapter of life, these rituals should do just the trick. Make sure you sage your space and allow the smoke to escape through a window before you begin.

To Attract A New Lover

Do you want to fling yourself into a whirlwind romance? Are you ready to meet someone who rocks your world? A ritual to attract a new lover could make all your romantic dreams come true. You'll need:

  • One pink candle
  • Floral essential oil (rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, or gardenia are good choices)
  • A piece of paper and a pen (get pink paper if you're feeling extra)

Light the candle. Take a few deep breaths and center your energy. Whenever you feel ready, begin writing down the qualities you'd like your new lover to have. Try to focus these qualities on your lover's character and soul. Perhaps you want them to have a sensitive heart, a nurturing personality, and an awesome sense of humor. Whenever you feel ready, drip some of the essential oil on the list and chant:

Lover, you have found me.

I've looked all my life for you.

Lover, I've been waiting.

My feelings for you are true.

Roll the paper up and keep it in a safe place, such as a locket you can wear every day or beneath your pillow. Allow the candle to burn all the way through. When you meet your new lover, thank the universe for bringing you together.

To Find The Job Of Your Dreams

Do you feel like your career is stagnant? Do you want to do something you love for a living? Are you trying to figure out what you should do for the rest of your life? This ritual will have you gainfully employed in the best way. You'll need:

  • One green candle
  • Some dried herbs (such as basil, sage, lavender, borage, dill, and/or rosemary)
  • One satchel to contain the herbs

Light the candle. Take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself living the life you want to have. In this life, you enjoy what you do for a living. You excitedly get up in the morning to go to work. You leave work with a smile on your face. Whenever you feel ready, gather your herbs into the satchel. While you do this, chant:

Prosperity surrounds me

and I surround prosperity.

The world has created me

and I have created the world.

Allow the candle to burn all the way through. Keep the satchel in a safe place that's always near you, such as the glove compartment in your car, your nightstand, or even your purse. It will attract everything you've been hoping for.

To Forge New Friendships

Do you want to surround yourself with bright new faces? Do you want to find a family in others? Are you trying to make some new friends who totally get you? Then this ritual to attract new friendships is perfect for you. You'll need:

  • One yellow candle
  • One rose quartz
  • A photo of yourself as a child

Light the candle. Take a look at the photo of yourself. Think about how beautiful that little human is — their vulnerable and raw personality, their ability to make something out of nothing, their joyful perspective of the world. Focus your energy on how they deserve to be loved fiercely by everyone they meet. Whenever you feel ready, set the photo down before you and pick up the rose quartz, extending it in front of you. Repeat:

I am a blessing to the lives of others.

My love is deep and vast as a sea.

If they love me back, I will give my all.

If they don't, it was not meant to be.

The rose quartz has now been powered by your love and will attract new people like a moth to a flame. Along with the photo, keep it in a safe place or keep it with you always. Allow the candle to burn all the way through and brace yourself for the new friendships that are about to come your way.