If You’re Having A Hard Time Making Decisions Lately, It May Be Thanks To This Planetary Retrograde

by Valerie Mesa

Another one bites the cosmic dust! Dreamy Neptune, planet of illusion and subconscious realms, will station retrograde on June 18 at 7:27 p.m. ET. However, before we get into the Neptune retrograde meaning, let's look at the 411 on this hazy planet. Neptune is one of the most complex planets in astrology. In fact, I dare say that it is the most intricate and difficult to comprehend. Adding to the mystery is that no one really knows who actually discovered this celestial body.

Some say Neptune was discovered in 1846 by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle, alongside mathematicians Urbain Le Verrier and John Couch Adams. Although, this is where the situation gets even more confusing; they were not the first to observe the elusive planet. It is said that Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was the first to discover Neptune, while sketching the moons of Jupiter back in 1613. Of course, in true Neptunian fashion, Galileo confused Neptune for a star because of its slow movement.

Every planet has a mythological backstory and a deeper meaning. For instance, in Roman mythology, Neptune is the god of the sea and the ruler of spiritual realms. In astrology, Neptune governs our dreams, illusions, and inspiration. It is the planet of spirituality, magic, and all things esoteric. At 2.7 billion miles away from the earth, Neptune sits alongside Uranus and Pluto. These planets are referred to as the generational planets, as it takes them many years to make a full orbit. If you've ever studied your birth chart or anyone close to your age, you'll notice that the two of you share Neptune signs. This is due to Neptune's slow-moving pace in the heavens. Sure, this planet is slow and incredibly complex, but rest assured, it will leave his mark.

Neptune Will Station Retrograde On June 18

The term retrograde means the planet is slowing down, but when observed from the earth, it appears to be going backward. The differences in orbit make an optical illusion. When a planet stations retrograde, its energetic theme is reversed and turned inward. Given Neptune's psychic receptivity, this retrograde cycle could ultimately enhance our intuition. What once seemed elusive or difficult to grasp, is all of sudden loud and clear as glass. Once Neptune turns retrograde, the hazy fog will start to clear.

Sounds magical, right? Well, here's the fun part, once we get out of Neptune's drunken stupor, there's no more sweeping things under the rug. By that I mean, we have no choice but to face every single situation we've been so desperately trying to escape.

Partying Too Much

How much is too much? It's kind of hard to tell when you're having fun, right? A lot of people are prone to escapism, and that's exactly what Neptune represents. Although, rest assured, what first seemed like the ultimate high, will soon come crashing down. That's the beauty of Neptune, which also happens to be an oxymoron.

Avoiding Reality

Purposely avoiding annoying responsibility will only make things worse. Easier said than done, of course, but ignoring the bigger picture is not recommended, especially if you want peace of mind. What goes around, comes around, in every sense of the word. Plus, the planets never stop moving. It will only be so long before they catch up to you.

Illusions And False Realities Will No Longer Cloud Your Vision

Despite how intimidating all this may seem, this retrograde cycle is crucial for our self-development. Many people get intimidated whenever they hear the word "retrograde," but the truth is, the prefix re-, which means “back” or “again,” is equivalent to reevaluating, reflecting, and reassessing.

I'm not kidding when I say that each planet has a mind of its own. Haven't you ever driven somewhere and turned back because you forgot something? Well, the very same thing happens to our cosmic ancestors.

Neptune Is Speaking To You

There is something Neptune wants to tell us, and it's important that we ground ourselves in order to receive its spiritual messages. Open your mind and stay in your heart. Your cosmic journey awaits, stargazer. Listen to your intuition.