Walmart's Super Bowl 2020 commercial is full of space movie references.

Walmart's Super Bowl Commercial Includes A TON Of Iconic Movie Characters


The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for sports fans, but it's also huge for anyone who loves pop culture. Unlike most television events where you can run to the bathroom or grab a snack during commercial breaks, the Super Bowl ads are actually the main event for a lot of viewers. And Walmart totally brought it this year with an ad that will make every sci-fi fan's jaw hit the floor. The movie references in Walmart's 2020 Super Bowl commercial are quite literally out of this world.

To advertise its curbside pickup service Walmart Pickup, the big-box giant brought in some of the most iconic intergalactic travelers of all time. The one-minute ad is slated to debut during the first quarter of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2, and it brings together a horde of famous characters and vehicles from beloved space movies to make the ultimate crossover.

Of course, all the space travelers are making use of the Walmart Pickup service to illustrate just how convenient the company's curbside delivery system really is. The commercial features almost too many sci-fi icons to count: Star Trek's USS Enterprise flies by, Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear makes a pit stop, and two versions of Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure drop in. The ad also features the Spinner from Blade Runner, Flash Gordon, the aliens from Arrival, Benny the Spaceman from The LEGO Movie, the Martian Captain from Mars Attacks, and Frank the Pug along with the coffee-loving Worms from Men in Black. To top it all off, the commercial ends with a nod to the most iconic space franchise of all, as C3PO and R2D2 bicker near the Millennium Falcon, having lost their way to Walmart.

Check out the sci-fi crossover commercial for yourself below:

Walmart actually has even more in store for everyone who enjoyed all that space-age goodness. The company also released an extended cut of the commercial, which includes even more characters. The longer, nearly 2-minute version also shows Marvin the Martian picking up some groceries, as well as an apathetic teen Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy stopping by a store.

The commercial is all about the convenience of Walmart's Pickup service, which allows customers to order groceries and other items online and then Walmart employees will load the items into the car for you when you arrive. And if you don't live near a Walmart, you can also use the service through FedEx, picking up your order at a FedEx office rather than a Walmart.

After bringing basically the whole galaxy together for its 2020 Super Bowl ad, it will be interesting to see how Walmart tries to top itself next year.