The Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes Deserve A Big Round Of Appaws

In my Brooklyn neighborhood, one of the most popular annual events is the Great PUPkin Dog Halloween Costume Contest. People come out in droves to the park to watch — you guessed it — a bunch of little pooches parade across a makeshift stage in some truly incredible Halloween costumes. The crowd huddles together throughout the lovely autumn morning, cheering, and generally forgetting for a minute that the world is a chaotic place. Now, while there are always some super unique pup getups — like the dog version of Bjork's swan dress, for example — the most popular pet Halloween costumes can also serve as inspiration if you're searching for the right ensemble for your own pet this All Hallows' Eve.

First of all, let it be known that pet costumes are only rising in popularity, and there is simply no stopping the trend. According to a recent survey by the National Retail Association, a barkin' 20 percent of Halloween celebrants are in cahoots to put their furry friends in costume. That's up 4 percent from last year, as per the survey results.

Perhaps it's because dressing your pet up in something adorable embodies nothing but pure, unadulterated, animal-loving joy, or maybe people just feel like it's easier to find a costume for their dog rather than themselves. Either way, I am 100 percent here for all of the cute photos that come out of it.

Phil Rist, executive vice president of strategy at analytics company Prosper Insights, told The National Retail Federation,

One of the biggest trends this year is the growth of spending on pet costumes. Out of the 31.3 million Americans planning to dress their pets in costumes, millennials (25-34) are most likely to dress up their pets, the highest we have seen in the history of our surveys.

Yes, that's right: I guess we millennials really, really love celebrating with our dogs and cats. I mean, can you really blame us? There's simply nothing better than seeing a pup, standing at attention, all dressed as, say, a chia pet!

As for the number one most popular Halloween costume for pets, well, let's have a drum roll, please. According to the National Retail Federation's survey, the number one costume for pets is — a pumpkin! Or, should I say, ahem, a pup-kin costume. Sorry, I had to. It's just too obvious.

Following in a not so close second in the survey is a hot dog costume, followed by a bumble bee getup and a devil costume. And behind those ideas, you've got lion costumes, a Star Wars character, a superhero, and a ghost.

If you ask me, all of these costume ideas are beyond freaking adorable. Come on — who wouldn't want to dress their dog up like Yoda for Halloween (or any time of year, for that matter)?

With more people dressing their pets up in Halloween costumes than ever before, it's safe to say holiday spending this time of year is kind of through the roof, too. According to the National Retail Federation's survey, Americans are expected to spend about $9 billion total, all in the name of celebrating All Hallows' Eve.

On average, the survey found, people spend about $86.79 for their own Halloween costumes, decorations, and the like, perhaps in an attempt to look half as good as their pets do in their own ensembles. Here's to hoping, right?