Been There, Posted That: These Are The New Insta-Worthy Hotspots For 2018

by Jordyn Kraemer

Planning your next big vacation is one of the best ways to get you through an incredibly stressful work week. Lunch breaks spent envisioning those picture-perfect beaches, souks, balconies, and brunches will not only inspire you, but give you a positive channel to focus your wandering energy. Instead of setting your sights on the world’s most Instagrammed places of 2017, consider many other cool spots that aren’t constantly popping up on your feed. These under the radar destinations are just waiting for you, in that perfect outfit, to come and capture the moment.

2017 was brimming with impressive travel photos, with plenty of inspiration all over Instagram to get your jet-setting wheels in motion. So, it's no surprise that this social media platform (along with all of the travel bloggers you follow) will likely play a major role in deciding where to book your next getaway. Travel is so easily accessible through technology, and it’s essential to stay on top of the hottest trends, and up-and-coming destinations.

I created a list of the top travel destinations from 2017 and their off-the-radar alternatives for 2018. Thus, insuring you get the most enviable and original snaps on your next slaycation. Now, it's time to get packing!

Cappadocia, Turkey
AJ Schokora/Stocksy

This destination first came onto the scene because of the unbelievable opportunity to float, at sunrise, over the most abstract land formations in the basket of a hot air balloon. These cave suites offer a unique escape from the standard hotel. The morning views of hundreds of balloons quickly got the attention of travel bloggers worldwide, and made this one of the big hotspots in 2017.

The Alternative: Bagan, Myanmar
Bisual Studio/Stocksy

Still want those beautiful balloons for the gram? Do it in style in Bagan, Myanmar. Not only is this place a cultural gem with unbelievable food, ancient Pagodas, and friendly locals, but it’s also incredibly inexpensive. The city of Bagan hosts some of the worlds greatest archaeological sites but without the crowds of people. This spacious and uncrowded environment is the perfect place to get in those early morning, sunrise snaps without having to photoshop people out of the shot.

Marrakech, Morocco
Javier Márquez/Stocksy

Known for its iconic souks, lavishly-appointed riads and resorts, and opulent garden oases, this city has been a hotspot for bloggers and travelers on a mission to get the perfect Moroccan shot. While the city itself is beautiful, there are plenty of other unique places to explore within Morocco.

The Alternative: Fes, Morocco
Javier Márquez/Stocksy

This city is located a little over five hours driving from Marrakech (or an even shorter flight). Fes is speckled with incredible restaurants, old shrines, and more leather than you can imagine. It offers the perfect place to experience genuine Moroccan culture without breaking the bank or copying what so many bloggers have already done.


This destination has undoubtedly provided the most wanderlust-triggering skyscraper selfies imaginable. With attractions including skydiving the palm, skiing indoors, and large gold souks to wander through, this city was a content goldmine for 2017.

The Alternative: Abu Dhabi
Maja Topcagic/Stocksy

Not only is this destination rich in culture, it’s also boasting a fresh new art scene that's absolutely worth the swap. Whether visiting the natural mangroves, cruising around Masdar (one of the greenest cities in the world), or taking in the art at the Louvre and Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi brings a breath of original, fresh air to the Middle East while still offering the same opulence found in Dubai.

Times Square, New York

You stroll into the spacious intersections, buzzing with the anticipation of experiencing the quintessential New York scene. Yes, the LED lights are mesmerizing and the tourists provide unlimited opportunities for people watching, but for photos, it can get overwhelming. The ball drops here on New Years, and there's an M&M's World that would make your inner child scream. Busy intersections here are perfect spots to snap for the 'Gram.

The Alternative: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo
Gavin Hellier/Stocksy

This iconic crosswalk in Tokyo is brimming with Instagram-worthy shots that deliver. You'll become fully submerged in the organized chaos that is a ton of people using the crosswalk at the same time. This spot is one of the most fascinating intersections in the world.

The Bahamas
Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy

The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean. This location boasts irreplaceable white sandy shorelines and cerulean blue waters. The beaches filled with swimming pigs turned The Exumas into a must-get photo op. With this tropical paradise being so close to Miami, it should come as no surprise that this destination was on everyone's bucket list in 2017.

The Alternative: Grand Cayman
Caine Delacy/Stocksy

Looking for another beachy animal encounter? Stingray City in Grand Cayman is a unique spot. This is where you can swim with animals in their natural setting. This exhilarating experience is one to be remembered and makes for an amazing post.