People Reveal The One Trait That Made Them Fall In Love With Their Partners

by Candice Jalili

When it comes to what I'm looking for in a partner, I've always been a sucker for a good personality. Now, obviously, "good personality" means different things for different people. For me, it means someone kind and supportive who also has a great sense of humor. But that answer obviously varies from person to person. In a recent Reddit thread, women shared what they believed to be the most important quality in a partner based on their own personal experiences with falling in love. Read along, find out what really mattered to these women, and think about what matters most to you.

They're kind.
He was genuinely kind to people and expected nothing in return. I grew up in an area where someone being nice to you probably meant you were going to be mugged. I was suspicious of him for a YEAR of us dating. I know that sounds horrible, but I seriously had zero positive males in my life. I constantly thought he wanted something from me. He helped me, my family, he took my little brother on errands, he did nice things for my friends, and he helped families in his church expecting nothing in return. Once I finally realized that he was just a kind person my brain sort of went "!" and I really went crazy for him!


They're loyal.
What attracted me to him was his ability to hold an easy, engaging conversation with absolutely anyone.
What made me fall in love with him was how I realized he didn’t want to limit me. Every other guy I had dated before had just expected me to put them before my personal goals- follow them to their university, move for their job, take on their hobbies, etc.
He wasn’t like that. He’s my cheerleader. When I got a great career opportunity that would take me away from him, he encouraged me. He said we would make it work. When I find a new passion, he’s so excited for me. I feel like he genuinely wants me to be the most happy, successful, and accomplished I can be.


They're supportive.
I fell in love with her because I felt safe and supported, while also having amazing chemistry and great sex at the same time. When dating other people I often felt like I had to choose between someone who was emotionally safe and supportive, or someone who I had amazing chemistry with. Now I have both, and it's fantastic!


They really listen to you.
External: His arms are guns and I love the way they feel and look when they’re around me.
Internal: The way he’d look at me when I was speaking to him like there was no one else in the whole galaxy; when he tells me i am his priority, i believe him.


They're funny.
His sense of humour most of all. The guy I dated before him didn't really think I was funny, and didn't make me laugh very often. Right when I met my SO, he made me laugh hysterically, and I made him laugh just as hard. 3 years later we still have moments like that every day and it feels so good.


They're easy-going.
He's really stable and easy-going. I never had that kind of person in my life before meeting him. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did.


They're there for you when you're feeling down.
I get really freaked out and anxious at times and he always calms me down. I may not be relaxed when I’m with him but he calms my nerves by telling me I’m fine and it’s all going to be alright. He’s also hilarious and we roast each other all the time.


They can hold their own.
Honestly, I think it is her ability to hold her own with me. I love that she challenges me but is also incredibly understanding of my special quirks.


They're charismatic.
He had a very sharp appearance, if that makes sense. Noticeable cheekbones, strong brow, sharp nose, pointed chin, slender and fit body. He was so handsome that I didn't immediately tell him so because I assumed he heard it too often.
Regarding personality, I was initially attracted to how self-assured he was. What made me move beyond lust into love was seeing how easy-going he was. If I had to choose just one personality trait that encompassed both of these things, I guess I'd say he's very charismatic.


They're so easy to talk to.
He was really sweet to me from the get go- he attracted me with his smile and kind nature. He was also the easiest person to talk to. What made me fall in love with him was his humor and how always supported me with my decisions and through the roughest of times.


They're cute.
With my ex, he was silly-cute. He would tell "I'm nervous" out of the blue sometimes. Never tried to appear like a "tough guy." He was like Niles from Frasier minus the snobby parts, including how he treated Daphne. Physically he had such cute eyes and smile.


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