The Meaning Of The 2019 Blue Moon Will Remind You To Stay Present

by Valerie Mesa

There's a powerful lunation on the horizon, and its unique symbolism goes beyond the meaning of the full moon phase itself. Aside from illuminating the sky in the sign of Scorpio, May's full moon is a blue moon, and it's quite the rare phenomenon. The blue moon is much more than rare, though and the meaning of the 2019 Blue Moon is a reminder to be present in your journey as a spiritual being.

The blue moon isn't very common, so the phrase and symbolism pretty much go hand in hand, but did you know there's actually more than one definition for this celestial event? According to, when a second full moon occurs within the same calendar month, it's considered a blue moon. And if there are four full moons in one season, between equinoxes and solstices, the third is referred to as a blue moon. Whenever a full moon occurs, it means the sun directly opposes the moon, which in turn creates a call for balance, both personally and collectively. Now, in the case of this particular lunation, which will be taking place on May 18, the sun will be traveling through the sensual sign of Taurus while the moon ignites the shadows of smoldering Scorpio.

So even though both of these fixed signs directly oppose each other on the zodiac wheel, they're more alike than you think. Taurus is a symbol of abundance, beauty, possessions, values, and sensual delights. Its astrological essence is stubborn, practical, and very much about living in the "here and now." This slow-moving earth sign needs to see to believe, and once it has a sense of direction, there's nothing getting in its way. Scorpio, on the other hand, is a representation of death, sex, power, and transformation. The energy of Scorpio is mysterious, extreme, passionate, and at times, shady AF. This water sign walks in-between worlds, as it is the lightest light and the darkest dark combined.

Transformation And Renewal

So, what happens when we combine the stability-seeking presence of Taurus with the psychic lure of slithering Scorpio? First, think back to the new moon in Scorpio back in November 2018; how have you evolved since? The moon is a symbol of our inner world and sense of nurture, while the sun is our ego and soul purpose in the physical dimension, so this lunation might very well bring you clarity, in regard to your unconscious desires. Imagine, you could come face-to-face with all that's been brewing beneath the surface of your current reality.

Scorpio's planetary ruler, Pluto, is retrograde in Capricorn, alongside Saturn and the South Node. So despite the mysterious depths of Scorpio, themes related to restructure, previously-set foundations, and spiritual release will be very prominent during this lunation. Truth is, I believe in order to obtain the pleasure and stability you crave, you must first release the ego and that which no longer serves our soul's truth. When I use the word "death" to describe Scorpio, I'm not just referring to a physical death — I'm also describing death of self in a spiritual context.

Jupiter will also be retrograde in Sagittarius during this time and it's asking us to look deep within ourselves in order to experience a spiritual fulfillment of sorts. Because we're are spiritual beings living a human experience, these celestial energies are simply bringing us closer to self-discovery. Besides, Scorpio knows a thing or two about far-reaching change and catharsis. Although, in the end, we'll all rise again like the phoenix from the ashes. Pluto will make sure of it.