The Meaning Behind Taylor Swift's "ME!" Will Inspire You To Embrace Every Side Of Yourself


Taylor Swift just dropped a new single called "Me!" and while many might be thinking the song is all about her, it's actually so much more than that. The meaning behind Taylor Swift's "Me!" is super empowering.

Swift explained the idea behind the song to Robin Roberts during a short interview a few hours before its release on April 26 during the NFL draft. She explained that “Me!” is all about self-love and empowerment.

“‘Me’ is a song about embracing your individuality and celebrating it and really owning it. I think that with a pop song, we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people’s heads and I just want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves, not worse,” Swift said.

And actually, the lyrics to the song really do that message justice. I mean, take a look at the pre-chorus and chorus, for example:

But one of these things is not like the others / Like a rainbow with all of the colors / Baby doll, when it comes to a lover / I promise that you'll never find another like
Me-e-e, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh / I'm the only one of me / Baby, that's the fun of me / Eeh-eeh-eeh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh / You're the only one of you / Baby, that's the fun of you / And I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me

Those are definitely the kind of lyrics people need right now, especially when it comes to learning how to love yourself. The video for "Me!" is even more fun and empowering. It's literally the embodiment of the chorus. It's full of bright colors, unusual scenes, and all kinds of quirkiness. Have a look:

It's so much fun, right? It's like a party, but in French. Well, partially in French. Speaking of French, how about Swift's language skills in this video? She does such a great job with it! And Brendan Urie does, too, actually. Very interesting stuff!

More than that, though, it seems to be exactly what Swifties want. They're loving everything about this song and what it means. Here's what they're saying about it:

Obviously, everyone really appreciates the thought that went into this song and video. Overall, the song and video are basically an ode to self-love, self-confidence, and what it means to have to put yourself first. I have a feeling Swift might be feeling just that way right now and how amazing it is that she's sharing this track with fans after so long. And, in turn, she's giving them an anthem of self-love to enjoy as well.

That Taylor Swift is a very clever woman. So clever, in fact, that she had fans guessing for weeks leading up to the song's release. She was sharing the most random photos on social media to promote this single. For example:

She was essentially revealing the whole video to everyone without saying she was doing that. I think, in some way, fans kind of knew what she was up to, but they were still totally surprised by everything "Me!" had to offer. So, Swift definitely did a great job with this one!