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This Month's New Moon Is About Going The Distance


The new moon is the most mysterious phase of the lunar cycle. It's when the entirety of the moon is darkened by the shadow of the night; its bright glow hidden from sight, nowhere to be seen. You might think this diminishes the moons power, but it's quite the contrary. This is when you have the power to give yourself a second chance and start over. When the March 2020 new moon cleanses the cosmos, it will also give you the energy to charge forward with renewed passion.

The reason the new moon is the best time to set an intention and turn the chapter toward a new beginning is an astrological one. This is when the moon — ruler of your internal self — is perfectly aligned with the sun — ruler of your external self. The cooperation between these parallel sides of your personality is an extremely powerful moment. It reveals your purest self and highlights everything you're capable of. There's no reason to stay put when everything you can become lies ahead.

Fun fact: The astrological calendar begins with Aries. So when I say this new moon is a spiritual reset and a rejuvenation of the self, that's no exaggeration. Aries is all about raw, unfiltered energy. Its passion can take you straight to success just as quickly as it can help you crash and burn. Aries is also focused on the ego, on answering the perpetual question: "Who am I?" so take this new moon as an opportunity to remember who you are. If you are not living your truth, now's your time to correct course. If you're feeling stagnant, now's your chance to zoom ahead and wait for nothing.


The Aries New Moon Takes Place On March 24 At 5:28 a.m. ET

Aries is a blast of energy that explodes without warning and startles your current reality. However, that energy may eventually simmer down, much like a surge of fire that soon turns into ash. However, this new moon is different. Instead of flickering and fading, the fire of this new moon will gain momentum, lasting as long as the job requires. This is because it forms a sextile to committed and steady Saturn, helping you focus on the ideas you have. Those ideas will truly be groundbreaking and brilliant, especially as Mercury — planet of communication — forms a sextile to earth-shattering and unpredictable Uranus. While you might initially feel caught off guard, a little mix-up can't hurt. The weirder, the better.

This new moon in Aries also knows that without friends and loved ones, you are nothing. Luckily, Venus — planet of love and affection — connects with both transformative Pluto and compassionate Neptune. This makes it a beautiful time to let bygones be bygones and prioritize love over ego. Heal your relationships by being vulnerable and opening your heart. However, don't think this will be all tears and emotional talks. Venus is also connecting with vivacious Mars and expansive Jupiter, encouraging you to make new friends and inject some passion into your friendships. It could even spice things up with a potential love interest, marking the beginning of a beautiful and unforgettable affair.

While this all sounds lovely, it's also important to recognize that this new moon forms a challenging square to the North Node (AKA your ultimate destiny). This makes you susceptible to giving in to pressure instead of following your heart. Make no mistake: This is a true test. If you can stay true to your heart despite your doubts, the reward will be immense. Growth never comes easy, but it's always worth it.