OMG, Zayn May Have Hinted He's Ready To Marry Gigi In His New Album Lyrics

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The Jan. 15 release of Zayn Malik's big comeback album, Nobody Is Listening, was a welcome surprise for stans after such a rough year without new tunes from the former One Direction member. The internet is mostly buzzing about how amazing the tracks from the new album are, especially the more romantic ones referencing his girlfriend. The lyrics about Gigi Hadid on Zayn Malik's Nobody Is Listening say a lot about their relationship.

Although the couple only just welcomed their daughter into the world in September, 2020, Malik seems to already be prepared to usher in his new album era. It's been over two years since the 27-year-old put out his last full-length record, Icarus Falls, but that's more than enough downtime for listeners to start wanting some new material. Malik gave fans more than just new material, though; he penned an album full of metaphors and stories about his relationships, his newborn baby girl, and the throes of fame in general. It's one of the most lyrically honest albums to come from a former-boy-band-member-gone-solo, and stans have dived into all the material head-first.

You can take a listen to the album below.

These songs on Nobody Is Listening seem to be particularly personal for Malik.

"When Love's Around"

On track 5, "When Love's Around," Malik sings about (*gasp*) an engagement. He sings:

Never feels right / Never feel that type of way / But I need you in my life / Yeah you could be my wife for real/Only takes a woman/To show you what it means to love

Naturally, fans are already asking when Malik is going to pop the question.


"Tightrope" is about the fear of falling, but Malik is ready to take the leap. He even sang some of the song's lyrics in Urdu, which have been translated into English by fans. He sings:

Sittin' with my legs across your torso / We are who we are when we're alone / Baby, I'm ready, any minute we might fall / Lately, I feel like my grip is gone / But you got my arm

He also insinuated Hadid is the one. "Something told me it was you/ Something told me it was you," he sings in another verse.


Malik makes it very clear he's all in on his relationship with Hadid on track 6 when he sings, "I don't wanna miss out on another love / So I'm gonna dive right in / Go headfirst into the unknown / Like it's all I know."


Malik and Hadid's relationship has been on and off since November 2015, and he seemingly didn't pretend it's always been rainbows and butterflies between them. On "Outside," he reflected on some of the harder times, singing:

Two wrongs make no right / When it's left at least we tried (Oh) / I'll be back tonight (Oh yeah) / I'll let you decide

"River Road"

"River Road" sees Malik asking his partner to maintain a sense of independence in their relationship. "We don't define each other / Stand on your own, be a pillar/ Lay on my pillow / Call you my lover," he sings.

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It's been a long road for Malik and Hadid, and while there's been some bumps along the way, they've always found their way back to each other.