Lovecraft Country

'Lovecraft Country' Is Finally Going To Show More Of Tic's Past In Episode 6

by Ani Bundel

Lovecraft Country first introduced Tic as a veteran soldier, heading home to Chicago. The introductory dream sequence at the start of Episode 1 showed him on the battlefield, fighting a war that morphed from Korea to the Civil War to an alien invasion. His bearing and his luggage all scream "Army trained." Moreover, there are hints that he has emotional baggage from the war, with an early long-distance call to Korea to a mysterious woman who said she told him not to go home. Now, the Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 6 promo promises fans will finally meet the woman on the phone and learn what happened to Tic overseas.

Warning: Spoilers for Lovecraft Country follow. Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 5, "Strange Case" will be remembered mainly for its body horror storyline and Ruby's foray into whiteness. It also ended on a massive reveal that Christina and William are the same person. William is just a disguise Christina wears, just as Ruby does with her white lady "Hillary" persona. Meanwhile, Montrose got to experience the freedom of being himself for the first time at a gay club.

Meanwhile, Tic and Leti chugged along, as Tic struggled to translate the Book of Names. It was notable that although the Christina reveal was the mic drop of the hour, it wasn't the final scene. That honor went to Tic and his translation duties, as he finally deciphered a one-word message: "DIE." But instead of calling for Leti, Montrose, or even Christina, Tic picked up the phone and dialed overseas, where the same woman picked up.

"You should have listened to me," she told him.

He responded: "What are you?"

The title of Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 6, is "Meet Me in Daegu." HBO has not yet released a synopsis, but the title plays on the famous musical Meet Me in St. Louis.

Daegu, formerly Taegu, is one of South Korea's largest cities, and famous for one of the country's most massive uprisings in the wake of World War II. Due to its location, it was never taken by North Korea. However, it was the closest city to several battles along the Nakdong River, including a series of engagements that came to be known collectively as "the Battle of Taegu."

Whether Episode 6 is a full flashback hour remains to be seen. But like it or not, Tic seems to have unfinished business left behind in Korea.